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The Problem

When there are more than a handful of labels it's often difficult to determine their exact number and type (point or region); one must either visually count them or open the Label Editor dialog, scroll to the bottom of the dialog, and examine the line number of the final item. Occasionally there will be labels before time-zero; this can occur when a label exists at a place in the track which has been shifted before zero with the Time Shift tool.

Proposed Feature

Add some text in the otherwise unused portion of the Label Track's Track Info Panel which shows a running count of one or more of Point, Region & Pre-Zero labels.

Optionally, give the user some control over which of the three (Point, Region or Pre-Zero) types are displayed.

Optionally, give the user some control over the font employed when drawing this text in the Track Info Panel. This could be either by inheriting the user's choice for the Label's font or allowing the user to customize the font. If the user may customize the font it could be global (all Label Track Track Info Panels) or per-Label Track.

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