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This page brings together all the current Proposals that are on the Wiki; they are categorized into major sections.

See also:

  • Roadmap: Team members may or may not argue here for their views as to how development should happen going forward
  • Audacity Development Projects : lists development work in progress or planned for Audacity
  • Big Architectural Ideas: designing a new architecture for Audacity
  • Feature Requests: suggestions for new or enhanced Audacity features. In particular see the Highest Rated section and note that not all of these highest rated feature requests currently have Proposals developed for them.

Low Hanging Fruit

  • Proposal Low Hanging Fruit: This is an umbrella proposal gathering together several existing proposals which if tackled could produce huge benefits for our users.


  • Proposal Unitary Project : provide a single "container" for Audacity Projects rather than the AUP file and data being separate



Effects, Generators and Analyzers



DC offset

Language Learning


Discussion papers

Completed Proposals

Superseded proposals


Peter 21Jun17: James confirms that all these are superseded by his Menu changes from DarkAudacity that were ported over and tweaked for Audacity 2.2.0

Withdrawn Proposals