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This page brings together all the current Proposals that are on the Wiki; they are categorized into major sections.

See also:

  • Roadmap: Team members may or may not argue here for their views as to how development should happen going forward
  • Audacity Development Projects : lists development work in progress or planned for Audacity
  • Big Architectural Ideas: designing a new architecture for Audacity
  • Feature Requests: suggestions for new or enhanced Audacity features. In particular see the Highest Rated section and note that not all of these highest rated feature requests currently have Proposals developed for them.
This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
Feature Requests   -->   Proposals   -->   Projects   -->   Releases
Proposal Category Champion Status Description
Proposal Low Hanging Fruit This is an umbrella proposal gathering together several existing proposals which if tackled could produce huge benefits for our users.
Proposal Effect Menu Categorization James categorize the effect menu into sub-menus
Proposal Fish Eye Paul Some method, or maybe a choice of several, for simultaneously looking at the same waveform at different resolutions.
Proposal: Improvements to Scrubbing - Phase-3 Peter further improve the user interface for Audacity's Scrubbing
Proposal Label Track Info display the count of point, region and pre-zero labels in the Label Track Info area.
Proposal Smart Help James context sensitive help in the preferences panels
Proposal Improvements to the Manage Effects/Generators/Analyzers GUI Gale spin off from Bug #1018
Proposal Stop "Here" Peter provide a graphical method for Stopping with setting cursor at stop point.
Proposal MultiButtons James We are about to have problems with too many different kinds of button for play.
Proposal new Zoom Toolbar James separate off the zoom controls from the Edit Toolbar - and increase zoom functionality
Proposal Graphic indicator of optimum recording level on the waveform display Peter GitHub Many users over-saturate their signal sometimes provoking extended clipping.
Proposal Improvement of Transport Toolbar improve the User Interface relating to the indication of the recording state
Proposal Vertical Scale GUI Improvements three proposed improvements to the GUI of the Vertical Scale. Each could be tackled individually or as a set
Proposal Cursor Behaviour Improvements about the selection cursor and making its behaviour consistent with the selection range
Proposal Smoother Playback Scrolling making improvements to scrolling while playing back or recording
Proposal Space Savers James a mix of proposals for saving space in the GUI
Proposal TrackPanel Evolution James a radical change to the TrackPanel
Proposal Woozle's Interface Tweaks a particular user's comments
Proposal Reorganizing Preferences, Track control menu, and View Settings Per-track setting of spectrogram parameters, and other related things
Proposal Waterfall Spectrograms Paul Spectrogram views with perspective
Proposal Locking and/or Hiding Pan and Gain sliders Peter to avoid accidental unintended nudges
Proposal Monitoring On James Monitoring no longer has to be explicitly turned on.
Proposal Play-at-Speed Peter Real time play at speed, and with a resizable slider main parts completed - sub-items yet to be done
Proposal Zoom Context Zooming that better preserves the context of where the user is actually working.
Proposal: Reserved keys for custom key bindings EAG Peter reserve a set of special keys/key combinations for a user's custom key bindings
Proposal Crossfade EAG a simplified interface for cross-fading from one track to another
Proposal Normalize & Amplify Consolidation EAG merge the Amplify and Normalize effects into a single effect
Proposal Threading and Acceleration Research where and how to enable and architect parallel processing
Proposal Change Speed Enhancements EAG addition of a time spinner or other interface element to set or indicate the final duration of the selected audio
Proposal Plot Spectrum Enhancements EAG enhancing and expanding the functionality of Audacity's Plot Spectrum command
Proposal Select Then Act EAG James split detection from action in a number of effects
Proposal: GUI Custom Resets for Toolbar Layouts Usability Peter GitHub GUI available way for a user to save/restore their carefully created Audacity settings for Toolbars layouts
Proposal Transcription Editor Usability improve audacity for audio transcription and subtitling
Proposal: Import Appended Usability Import multiple files end-to-end in a single track
Proposal: Earlier Disk Over-run Warnings Usability Peter GitHub increase Audacity's resilience to situation where disk over-run causes problems
Proposal Page Tabled Memory and Event Layout Usability Paul facilitate the environment that would be conducive to both multi-threading and non-destructive processing.
Proposal Timer Record Improvements Phase-2 Timer Record Peter allow access to Audacity's recording controls once a "Timer Record" has been initiated
Proposal Improvements to the Timer Record time data-entry spinbox controls Timer Record Peter GitHub improvements to the time data-entry spinbox controls in Timer Record
Proposal Multi-event Timer Record Timer Record add multi-event scheduling to Timer Record
Proposal Envelope Tool various improvements to the Envelope Tool
Proposal Easy Avoid Clipping on many tracks save users the tedium of changing the levels individually on multiple tracks when their track balance is already satisfactory but shows clipping
Proposal Label Enhancements multiple proposals for enhancements to label tracks
Proposal Audio Diff Research James implement comparison of audio data using a variant of the diff algorithm
Proposal Beat Finder find periodic beats in a piece of music and show these graphically in a track - Note that this can be achieved with the Queen Mary Vamp plug-ins
Proposal Source Separation Research James the opposite of mixing - a feature that will allow parts of a single audio stream to be separated
Proposal Team Tools James improve tools used by the Audacity team.
Proposal DC Offset removal DC a proposal to rationalize DC management offset removal
Proposal DC Management DC a proposal for automatically removing DC bias
Proposal Languages Ecosystem Language James an ecosystem of programs built around Audacity, for language learners
Proposal Structured Audio Language James proposal for a structured audio format, primarily for language learners
Proposal General Scripting or Python Integration Automation Nick Hilton Create a new framework for scripting many aspects of Audacity.
Proposal Single Splash James eliminate most of the dialogs at startup.
The Multiproject Wormcan This is a page for working out what multiproject behaviours we want for Audacity.
Proposal Development of spectral selection and manipulation Paul discussion paper for the post 2.1.1 development of spectral work
Proposal Auto Detect Audio Device Changes Peter/Gale detect changes in devices as they happen, e.g. plugging in or out a USB audio device
Proposal Metadata Options Cliff add options for metadata processing, so that users can merge existing metadata more easily
Proposal: Chris-like compressor Steve, Peter GitHub a new Nyquist compressor based on Chris's Dynamic Compressor v1.2.6 and include it as one of our distributed Nyquist effects
Proposal Effect Presets Bill, Peter Display the name of a named user preset when it is loaded. Indicate in this display area when a named user preset has been altered
Proposal: add a new Tracks menu command for rendering tracks Usability Robert, Peter Currently you cannot render multiple tracks, only one at a time
Proposal Focus And Multiselect Usability James, Peter a proposal to modify focus behaviour, with a view to better multi-selecting
Proposal: Make a newly recorded track selected as well as focused Usability Cliff, Peter a proposal to make a newly recorded track selected as well as focused
Proposal: Rationalizing where new tracks are created to aid usability and consistency Usability Peter GitHub a proposal to rationalize where new tracks are created to aid usability and consistency
Proposal: Render MIDI tracks to audio Usability Peter GitHub a proposal to enable users to mix and render MIDI Note Tracks to audio

See also: Full list of Proposal related pages.

Completed Proposals

Superseded proposals


Peter 21Jun17: James confirms that all these are superseded by his Menu changes from DarkAudacity that were ported over and tweaked for Audacity 2.2.0

Withdrawn Proposals