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Putting articles in categories makes it easier to find pages which are related to each other. This page explains the necessary syntax to do this.

Before putting an article in a category, please check the bottom of the article to view any categories it's already attached to, and the current list of categories.

To put an article in a given category, type the following code at the bottom of the edit window:

[[Category:Name of the Category]]

If the category does not already exist, the above code will create it.

Please preview the spelling of the category to make sure it looks correct. Before saving, note your change in the "Summary" box at the bottom of the page as follows, adding a colon (:) between the "[[" and "Category":

Added to [[:Category:My New Category]]

The colon should always be used when creating a link to the category page. This avoids adding the page containing the link to the category.

Note: A link to a newly created category will appear red because the category page itself has no explanatory text. So after creating a new category, please click the link to it, and add some text explaining the content and purpose of the pages that should go in the category. We recommend placing this text inside the standard Intro Template to make it stand out.