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  • Following a suggestion by Jeroen, this list has been put on the wiki and the 'Done' items separated from the items that are still to do.

These all for 1.4.0 release. It's likely we'll have a 1.3.4 beta as a 1.4.0 candidate.

To take ownership of an issue, add your initials before it like so:

  • [DM] for Dominic Mazzoni
  • [LL] for Leland Lucius
  • [JC] for James Crook
  • etc...

This is a companion list to the Documentation Checklist

Essential fixes

Fixes are the top category, since it is difficult to estimate how long bugs will take to fix.

  • Fix halving of bitrate for mono MP3 tracks - bugzilla:182.
  • Fix snapping on playback region. Region currently lost. Is this still an issue, or is it now 'Watching Brief'?
  • [LL] Fix recovery action if project rate not supported by card.
  • [LL] Fix lose track selection, but no refresh, when click on track panel background.
  • [LL] Fix usability of TimeTextCtrl for screen readers
  • [JC] Fix incorrect reporting of information in benchmark dialog.

Essential changes

These are other changes to source code that are deemed 'essential'. We will do all of these for a 1.4.0-pre beta.

  • Update mouse preferences panel to show new bindings.
  • Ensure ID3 tag dialogue appears of its own accord. It does not currently appear either for first or subsequent MP3 exports of its own accord, and should do so also for FLAC and OGG exports. We still need to discuss what is the most appropriate behaviour e.g. always popup on second export in session?
  • [JC] Change dialog when you open a 1.2 project. It shouldn't discourage users from doing it, it should just tell them that this will change the project to a 1.4 project file that can't be opened by 1.2. I aim to do this after LSM 2007. If anyone can do it sooner they're welcome to take it off me.
  • [JC] Provide 'Unrecognised Audio File Format' dialog with help-link button for more detail. In progress (Jimmy Johnson's patch)
  • [JC] Warn on close-tracks-and-exit, will lose those unsaved tracks. Note currently that 1.3.3 exits without even asking "Save changes?" if there are no open tracks. I aim to do this after LSM 2007. If anyone can do it sooner they're welcome to take it off me.
  • [JC] Reduce 'greying out' of effects confusion by select-all-when none for effects. No change for grey-out whilst recording or playback. Consider active-grey for post 1.4

Essential fixes: Platform Specific

I put these in a separate category as we could be 'Windows 1.4 ready' but not 'Mac/Linux 1.4 ready', if these are not cleared.