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This is the de facto bug list for all Stable and Beta releases of Audacity. The current suggestion is that Beta releases are blocked until all P1 bugs are fixed, and Stable blocked until all P1 and P2 bugs are fixed. There is no pre-determined plan for dealing with lower priority bugs.

To take ownership of an issue, add your initials before it like so:

  • [DM] for Dominic Mazzoni
  • [LL] for Leland Lucius
  • [JC] for James Crook
  • etc...

Warning icon 19 September 08: In order to focus on the existing priority issues for 1.4 and actually have it appear in a reasonable time frame:
  • P1 and P2 bugs listed here should be addressed first. Note: for purposes of GSoC polishing, GSoC bugs (currently all in P3) are being treated as P1 for 1.3.6 Beta release.
  • Newly discovered P1 or P2 issues, or proposals to change the scope or priority of existing issues, are to be added to Pending Release Issues. They will need approval from at least two of Vaughan, Gale and James before the change can be made here.

  • Items added as Priority P1, P2 or P3 should be added to Known Issues, unless they are absent from the published release that page refers to. When cleared, move the items down to the "Cleared in CVS" section of that page.

Please also refer regularly to these pages:

Documentation Checklist, for documentation changes needed for 1.4 Manual and any developer recruitment drive.

Wording, where we track suggested changes to the exact words that appear on a dialogue

Pending website changes where we post suggested wording or layout changes to our and sites (except the Wiki).

Unless indicated by discussion against particular items, these should be regarded as needing attention. When processed, please move them to the "Done" section of those pages.

  • There are companion pages to discuss and monitor development of our sites: Wiki Development Checklist (for both this Wiki and the Manual Wiki) and Forum Development Checklist. Relevant items include security issues, bug fixes and enhanced functionality through installing additional extensions.

Essential changes

These are other changes to source code that are deemed essential We will do all of these for final 1.3.7 release candidate or 1.4.0 release as noted below.

  • Help/Manual issues. These are needed for 1.3.7 rc:
    • Repair the script to extract zipped html help from the Manual Wiki. If this is impossible, James could make a snapshot zip using Wget and a file rename script .
    • Installer to be modified to also install Html help. Consider giving Windows installer an option to install help for all users, not just current user.
    • Address documentation issues, including website updates.
    • For 1.4, "completing the Manual". Needed before we can release any versions of 1.4.
  • Nyquist plug-ins (for 1.4): Gale to keep an eye on the Nyquist plug-ins provided in the Audacity Plug-Ins folder, possibly commit others requested by users if they work satisfactorily, such as binaural tones and Sequencer. On Windows/Mac, add the src/plug-ins folder to the installer but also add latest versions of GVerb.dll, Hard Limiter.dll and sc4.dll which are not in CVS. No special action is needed on Linux, as any *.ny plug-ins from the plug-ins dir are installed, except those deleted when the tarball is created using scripts/
  • LAME Installer (Windows): Though it might not be deemed "essential", consideration should be given to a Windows installer for lame_enc.dll. This would considerably ease the support problem with Windows users, and no objections were raised on -devel list to the idea. A modest time investment for reducing the burden on our support helpers. Needs to be done by someone outside USA. However, we already have a basic 7-Zip SFX installer for FFmpeg; having similar for LAME is arguably better than no installer, and only a two-minute job.

Rating Keys for Issues

All issues are given a Priority Rating of 1 to 5 as follows:
P1 Release Blocker - See the discussion page for a guide to what may be deemed an issue that blocks release.
P2 To be release-noted if unfixed, considered very important.
P3 To be release-noted if unfixed, considered less important than P2 (for example, affects fewer users).
P4 Clear benefits from fixing, but not sufficiently important to release note. May include easy fixes giving considerable benefit relative to the time involved.
P5 Only just important enough to be fixed for release. It could be done in "spare time", or by someone learning the code.
Believed fixed but awaiting confirmation (cross-platform issues should be tested on at least two platforms)
R Regression on 1.2.6. Mainly used as an indication that a lower priority item could be promoted. Many issues not marked as regressions may well be so.

Release Issues

P1 (Release Blocker Issues)

P1 R  Creating a Label Track (with or without a label), selecting any type of track then using Edit > Paste before actual audio or text content is in the clipboard causes crash. Easily done by pressing CTRL + V in error instead of CTRL + B. Creating the label track wrongly enables Paste in the Edit menu.
  • Martyn believes that he fixed this 13/12/2008.
  • Gale earlier found it not fixed on Windows XP SP3 ANSI Release Build, despite having updated LabelTrack.cpp, but it finally worked after deleting the build folder and completely rebuilding.

P2 / P3 (Release Noted Issues)

P2 R When importing larger WAV files with Preferences set to "read directly", exporting to the same file by overwriting results in a visually/audibly corrupted file. As originally reported by Michael Burrian, only apparent on Linux, and not an OD bug, because the problem existed in 1.3.5 Release. Dawson and Gale tested on Linux and Windows respectively after Michael Chinen said he thought he might have fixed it previously. Dawson had no problem, Gale had silence in the exported file on three occasions out of about ten. In all three cases, the original file was renamed with "0" suffix then deleted, but the "0" suffix was not always a precursor of a failed export. See this thread.
  • MJS fixed 13 Dec 08 so that Metadata editor appears before overwrite and renamed file used as data source, not the original file. Seems OK to GA on Windows.
P2 R (was P3) Export Multiple using "other uncompressed files" choice always produces 16-bit WAV, with "WAV" in progress dialogue, irrespective of header and encoding chosen in Options. Progress dialogue also says "WAV" when exporting with explicit AIFF 16 bit PCM filter: AIFF extension is actually produced, but essentially it's a WAV (Little Endian format, not Big Endian).
  • Code modified by RA 13 Dec 08 so that other than 16-bit PCM can be chosen by setting the required WAV or AIFF option in "Other uncompressed files", then choosing the explicit WAV or AIFF 16-bit PCM menu item.
  • Reports on OS X with CVS of December 08 that the export button, though active, does not respond to being clicked (not due to having empty labels).
P2 Muting/soloing specific stereo tracks when exporting produces incorrect channel results in the exported file.
  • Some or all unmuted tracks in an exported group only have the left channel
  • Some or all muted tracks may include the right channel
  • Unpredictable behaviour after using solo/mute buttons (seen many times):
    • In "Standard" solo button mode, exporting one track soloed, one not (neither track muted) does gives a mix of both tracks as intended, but may do so only in the left channel
    • Exporting even a single unmuted stereo track may give left hand channel only
        -->-->[MJS] Muting now works (I think), Solo has work to do.
P2   Entering a negative three-digit value in "Change Speed", then previewing, raises an "Unhandled Exception" dialogue on which any of the "Abort, Retry, Ignore" choices cause a crash. Previewing a negative three-digit percent change in "Change Tempo" and "Change Pitch" may freeze Audacity or cause it to crash on exit (usually with longer selections). Grey out Preview button when invalid text input, or prevent it being entered? NB: with all three effects, once the OK button is greyed out, moving the slider back does not re-enable the button. Not a regression on 1.2.6.
  • MJS fixed 14 Dec 08 on all 3 effects.
  • GA: OK, on the noted bugs. New problem found in testing: replicable freeze on Win XP applying Change Tempo slowing below -90% and -99% on four minute track. Will raise on devel list.
P2 Code change restricting non-multi-channel devices to mono or stereo recording wrongly restricts some devices that used to record multi-channel. See this thread, plus Alesis iO26 Interface and M-Audio Fast Track Ultra only present two channels instead of eight after this change.
P2 MP3 Export: (normal and export multiple): Bit Rate Mode and Quality choices in Options dialogue are non-functional, almost always producing a 128 kbps CBR file. Additionally, the reported length is often incorrect although the actual length is correct.
P2 After closing all tracks, File > Save or Save Project As.. gives no warning. The user needs protection against inadvertently saving an empty project. Save Project As.. with no tracks open is legitimate if there have never have been any changes, so it's suggested the warning should be given only if there is an Undo history.
P2 Old projects open incorrectly. Reported by Monty. With CVS HEAD, sample project created in 1.1.0 now correctly identifying the real orphans (there are 10), but the waveform is still opening as blank. Needs more investigation. GA tried a 1.1.3 Project with envelope edits in 180907 build and it opened fine. There are no envelope points, but there aren't any after saving/reopening the Project in 1.1.3 either.
P2 Ensure all Edit menu items consistently enabled and work consistently when select-all-on-none enabled. See here .
  • JC: Is it really what we want? E.g click split-new twice, and we get four tracks. Is it not less confusing to leave it greyed out?
  • GA: If you turn off select-all-on-none, and with one track on screen, Select All, Split New, Select All and Split New, you also get four tracks, so I think it is what we want. Now, if you have a track selected with no time area selected, nothing on the clipboard and click the Edit menu, all the edit menu is enabled except Paste. But if we click outside the track(s) so that none are selected, we lose ability to click on Split Cut, Trim, Delete, Split Delete, Silence, Join, Disjoin, Duplicate and Find Zero Crossings - yet we could still Cut, Copy and Split (FWIW) and Split New. I think that will be very confusing as it's a halfway house between Select-all-on-none and not. So all Edit menu items, and File > Export Selection to be available even if no tracks are selected and when clicking outside the tracks.
  • David B. suggests longer term having two independent preference options for selecting all tracks and selecting all audio to give more control.
P2 All platforms to consistently force Project Rate to the rate of first imported file irrespective whether that rate is supported. As of 1.3.5.rc builds, this works on Windows but not for Michael on Linux. When done, add a Preference to always have Project Rate remain as per its Default Sample Rate Preference setting irrespective of the file being imported (this is currently "not aiming for 1.4.0").
P2 MP3 tag import broken if genres.txt exists, and otherwise import/export only near complete for MP3, and in places non-orthogonal. Some known specifics:
  • If genres.txt exists (even if the genres list is unchanged), both ID3v1 and v2 genre tags are misinterpreted on import as other named genres from the list.
  • Audacity "Year" MP3 tags not seen by Windows Media Player or Winamp, and "Year" OGG tags not seen by Amarok on Linux, or VLC on Windows or Linux.
  • FLAC import broken on Windows - no tags seen. All exported tags are seen on Windows by dBPowerAmp and Foobar. None are seen by VLC on Windows or Linux.
  • WAV fields only seen patchily by other apps. as their support is patchy, but Genre tag consistently not seen though it is a valid WAV info tag.
  • GA: Are we using ID3 V2.4 or 2.3? With the two main Windows players not currently seeing the Year tag, we may have a big reason for users not to upgrade from 1.2.6. Can we use v2.2 where WMP and Winamp see the year tag?
  • GA: Leland thinks we can't hack further back than 2.3. The problem seems to be that Windows Explorer/Media Player and Winamp currently expect a frame called "TYER" to indicate the year of the recording. ID3v2.3 seems to recommend passing year as the "TDRC" frame in preference, which is what lame_enc.dll does, resulting in the Winamp/WMP problem. But if you use LAME.exe 3.97 for command line export and force ID3v2.3 with "--id3v2-only", "TYER" is used and WMP and Winamp have no problem. So is it possible to use "TYER", and is this less bad than the current situation?
P2 The preference for caching audio data may cause a crash either when making long recordings or opening large files or projects. Although it has been reworded to give a warning, consider a separate preference for caching recorded and other audio data. This lets users have the benefits of caching when recording without the more dangerous and possibly less generally useful caching of imported and changed project data. GA suggests the new preference for only caching recordings could discard the cache after recording stops since the data is already written to disk at that point.
P2 R (was P5) Generate effects do not fit in window, whereas opening and importing audio does. Presumed undesirable for most users. Serious nuisance if you want to create very short tones for analysis.
  • Believed fixed by Michael Chinen on 12/14/08
P2 (Windows only) Welcome Message: On some systems/browsers, links are not brought to top.
P2 (Mac and Linux only)  Labels do not accept certain characters. Known characters: [, ], Z, J, K, L, P, R, Home, End. Behaviour can be intermittent. Reported that resetting Keyboard preferences to default (even if already default), and holding down ALT while typing are workarounds.
P2 (Linux only) Audacity does not build if EXPERIMENTAL_SCOREALIGN is defined.
P3 Muting specific time-shifted mono tracks when exporting produces audio at wrong point on timeline in exported file if muted tracks are to left of unmuted.
P3 Nyquist plug-ins do not display moving bars in progress dialogue and over-estimate "Remaining Time"; if effect is cancelled, the unprocessed audio is deleted from the track, or Audacity may crash. Progress miscalculation is a regression. Crashing may depend on memory availability on the computer, but seems more likely than in 1.2.6. Deletion of audio not a regression.
P3 In projects containing many tracks, clips dragged at the bottom of the project may jump upwards into tracks towards the top when they pass the snap-to point with other clips. The clip can be restored with Undo, but will now always jump if dragged.
P3 WAVEX (Microsoft) headers: GSM 6.10 files cannot be exported, and U-Law/A-Law files may not be playable.
P3 LADSPA Multiband EQ may not be visible in Effect menu (occurs on Windows XP), and crashes soon after opening. VJ: The logic needs to be fixed to set rstart to a valid value in all cases, because after initializing rstart to 0, it crashes in LadspaEffect::ProcessStereo().
P3 (GSoC) Sticky labels:
  • When a Time Track is present, audio is not pasted into all tracks, leading to desynchronisation.
  • Labels do not move when shifting a selected audio track with Time Shift Tool. They move if the label is inside a region and the label track is selected as well, but that happens anyway when linking is off.
  • Labels should move with all the timeline changing effects. They do not move with Effect > Repeat, Reverse, and Truncate Silence.
P3 (GSoC) Residual FFmpeg issues:
  • "Select file(s) for batch processing..." dialogue lacks "All Supported files" and "FFmpeg-compatible files" filters
  •   Importing FFmpeg formats when FFmpeg library missing should raise the "FFmpeg not found" error, not the generic "not supported" error. Provisional fix in place, but throws multiple FFmpeg errors per file, then the relevant error for the particular format
  • In non-FFmpeg builds, attempting to import FFmpeg-supported formats should give an error that suggests downloading FFmpeg. Impossible to fix completely without breaking Importer abstraction: in non-FFmpeg builds ImportFFmpeg plugin does not exists and cannot suggest anything to user, while Importer should not know which formats are supported by ImportFFmpeg, thus being unable to suggest anything either.
P3 (GSoC) On-Demand: when importing a mixture of uncompressed and compressed files, on-demand loading does not start until normal import of the compressed files completes, if the names of the compressed files come earlier in the alphabet.
  • On Windows, video files with a preceding name which similarly held up on-demand loading are as of 07 Oct 08 now importing second when dragged in, so the OD file is not delayed, but the tracks are now out of alphabetical order in the track list. Also, correct alphabetical order when using File > Open or Import now depends (on Windows) on the order the files are selected in. GA suggests therefore we could prioritise OD files to import first, then re-order the non-OD files in the track list if needed.
P3 When in Spectrum, Spectrum log or Pitch view, pasting in audio then zooming in causes the pasted content beyond the horizontal scroll to disappear.
P3 Preferences window: OK button does not work when a tab is selected in the left-hand panel.
P3 When more than one track is selected, and the region selected in the clips includes white space, "Split New" and "Noise Removal" cause the clip(s) to perform unwanted alignments instead of remaining at their original time position. For an example of the "Split New" case, see this thread . Note that although in this case the problem occurs because select-all-on-none is enabled, the bug does not depend on this being enabled, and occurs whether or not the entire audio of the tracks is selected. Other effects or actions may result in the same misalignment.
P3 Split New: If selecting part of a clip from the left edge of the clip, the newly split clip wrongly aligns with the left edge of the residual clip in the original track. (Different bug to above, this one applies to single as well as multiple tracks).
P3 Export Multiple fails with no export or warning if an empty label is encountered.
P3 When changing language in Preferences, some elements don't change until restart. Affects Audio Track at the top of the Track Drop-down menu, and the toolbars tooltips (except Selection Bar).
P3 R Pressing Play (but not spacebar) in a second project when another is already playing stops playback of the first project.
P3 Calculation of "disk space remains for recording (time)" incorrect when recording in 24 bit quality. Macro now created by RA to return size on disk of 16/24/32 bit sample formats as 2, 3, 4 respectively as first part of a fix, but Audacity does not currently record in 24 bit.
P3 Beep on completing long process is not working on many systems.
  • JC: Beep is using the wxWindows function wxBell(), which on some systems uses an internal speaker and does nothing on others. wxBell() seems only to call the system noise from pre-sound card days, not one of the system WAV files. This system noise is often reported to be inaudible when called by wxBell().
P3 (Windows only) (GSoC) LV2:
  • LADSPA plug-ins not categorisable despite compiling with USE_LIBLRDF defined and installing RDF data files in Audacity data directory. See this thread
  • The slv2 library needed for LV2 support does not build.
P3 (Windows and Linux only) Welcome Message: Some screen readers that otherwise work well with Audacity cannot read its text.
P3 (Mac only) Portable settings aren't picked up, and the default settings (in the default location) are always used.
P3 (Linux only) JACK issues:
  • in 1.3.5 from Ubuntu repository, Audacity crashes as soon as play or record started if JACK device selected in preferences (not tested built from CVS)
  • JACK has to be shut down before starting Audacity
  • Connections in qjackctl not persistent in Audacity session: they only become visible when playback or recording starts, and close when playback or recording stops. Several Linux applications have this problem, but for example alsaplayer seems to have solved it by changing their code? See this Linux musicians thread and this Forum post
  • Recording dropouts - these are grouped together with similar Mac problems as a P4 issue, but they might not be related
  • Crashes when recording full duplex?
  • Audacity must have same sample rate as JACK (seen in 1.3.4 Ubuntu repository builds)

P4 / P5 Other Issues (not Release Noted)

P4 When Control Toolbar is undocked, its associated shortcuts only work if the main application has focus.
P4 Generic "TellUserWhyDisallowed" error occurs inappropriately. Examples:
  • After pressing Play, using the "," or "." jump shortcuts (or their SHIFT-modified alternatives)
  • CTRL + S (Save Project) when a project is already saved
  • Click the arrow in project rate and mixer toolbar dropdowns to open the list box, then use arrow keys and ENTER to confirm the selection.
P4 When using shortcuts that trigger "TellUserWhyDisallowed", all audio in project is selected if "select-all-on-none" is enabled. Any previous selection is destroyed. Occurs when playing and recording as well as with static tracks.
P4 After pressing Play, left/right arrow does not move playback cursor.
P4 Minimum and maximum frequency display in Spectrograms preferences don't work for spectrum log (f) view.
P4 Memory leaks:
P4 (Mac only) CoreAudio crash when input device's sample rate is 44100 and the output device's sample rate is 48000.
P4 (Mac only) Crash on restart (or possibly when first grabbing noise profile) when noisegate.nrp is present (having been written and saved in Clean Speech mode). MJS fixed this and fix works on Windows and Linux but has never been tested on Mac.
P4 (Mac only) Envelope points do not restore properly when reopening a saved project -see here .
  • BP: Reproduced on 1.3.3 - 10.5.1, PPC iBook G4 on 28 Mar 08, but *not* on Intel Mac
  • GA: Should be tested with CVS HEAD and PPC, and escalated to P2 if confirmed?
P4 [LL] (Mac *and* Linux only) Random bits of silence occur during recording (Jack and non-Jack versions of this problem).
  • JC: Progress: Udo tried smaller blocksize in linux/jack version of this problem and can now fault after 4 mins. Perhaps small blocksize will help us track down the problem on non-Jack set ups too. However, perhaps Udo's progress is only relevant to using Jack and no help to Mac? And this problem does not occur consistently on a given system?
P4 (Linux only) After opening a sufficiently long audio file, opening a second file of any size leads to locked GUI/console messages until first file completes play. Reported by Michael Schwendt on Fedora 8 test rpms of Audacity CVS from 11 Jan 08 and Jim Cline on Debian 31 Jan 08.
  Expression 'ret' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 1034
  Expression 'AlsaOpen( hostApi, parameters, streamDir, &pcm )' failed in
  'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 1066
  • GA: Should probably be promoted to P3 if this is replicable on other distros.
P5 Standardise per-platform behaviour after changing Default Sample Rate in Preferences: On Windows, changing the rate in Preferences changes the visible project rate at once, so affects all new tracks in current project. On other platforms, visible project rate does not change until opening a new project. This creates problems in the Manual. Windows users seem to like current behaviour and report a bug if the visible rate does not change. We need to decide. Similarly, on Windows, a new track in the current project takes the changed default sample format at once.
P5 R "Always allow playing" (press Play during playback) no longer respects cursor position if moved after playback starts.
P5 Edit > Move Cursor > to Selection Start or .. to Selection End leaves the selection in situ and does not display the cursor. The equivalent left/right arrow keys work as intended.
P5 Debug Log window and Help > Index... browser do not escape.
P5 Firefox does not interpret "#" character in inner text URLs. For example the link to "Super" ( ) does not go to anchor.
  • GA: can be worked around by using %23 instead of #?
P5 "About" dialog apparently does not support mailto: syntax - clicking a mailto: does not raise the e-mail client on Windows.
P5 Links from built-in text to Wiki to be locally over-ridable in the same way that links from built-in text to external html files can be. This way we can have a local copy of the relevant Wiki pages, if we want to.
P5 Dependencies Dialogue: If click on "Copy Selected Audio Into Project" in error, the copying cannot be cancelled from the progress dialogue.
P5 Re-enable file writing within Nyquist so that Nyquist plug-ins can remember user settings. Be careful about permissions with file writing, and whether and when we allow over-writing of existing files. Needs someone with detailed LISP knowledge to look at it. Assumption is that we need to re-enable code intentionally disabled, not write new code.
  • JC: xlisp functions such as xwrchar, xprint and xopen :OUTPUT seem to be already present and correct. Can't find disabled code. DS hypothesises it is code missing in 'the bridge', whatever that is.
P5 When writing a file as a result of a Nyquist prompt, file either is not written, or written to a location that is not asked for. See here for details.
P5 Issues believed to result from Audacity implementation of Nyquist:
  • Excessive memory usage
  • Inaccurate length generation on first use of the plug-in at the default value offered. Correct duration obtainable by using slider or text box to change the value away from, then back to the default (example: pluck.ny)
  • Other inconsistent length generation issues which vary from time to time/one plug-in to another/one Audacity version to another for no apparent reason.
  • Values of sliders in the Audacity effect seem to be re-computed from the pixel values of the slider as visible on-screen, so the nearest value obtainable by using the slider is presented when launching/re-using the plug-in, rather than the coded default or last entered value (example: highpass.ny). Compute the value from the text field then set the slider? See this thread
P5 (Windows only) Timer Record progress dialogue reappears underneath programs restored to the desktop after hiding the dialogue with "Show Desktop". Also the progress dialogue ought to disappear with the WIN + M equivalent shortcut, but doesn't.
P5 (Mac only) When Preferences set to "Update display", trying to change timeline position during playback (for example by dragging horizontal scrollbar) causes playback cursor to desynchronise until playback stopped.
P5 (Linux only) Reproducible (but not entirely consistent) crashes reported when using Undo command. Reported by Darren on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 with 2.5 GB projects. Also, adding a Label Track in any projects causes Edit > Paste to flicker (the code does currently enable it), then closing the Label Track causes a crash every time irrespective of the actions taken before.
  • GA: None of these crashes are reproducible on Windows XP, but retained on "Watching Brief" just in case (it could affect Mac as well?)
P5 (Linux only) Recovery action if project rate not supported by card. OK on Windows.
  • GA: What does this mean exactly? Is it that the project rate is not remembered when recovering as reported on -devel list in May 2007? As at May 08 it is set on Windows.
P5 (Linux only) Miscellaneous OSS crashes.
  • Crash reported by SIEGERSTEIN: 'failed in 'src/hostapi/oss/pa_unix_oss.c', line: 1206'
  • Mihail's issue: PA19 uses oss; without load/compile oss support in alsa (snd-pcm-oss), Audacity crashes on init PA19.
  • GA: Are these still replicable or are they fixed with the PA updates?

Not aiming to do for 1.4.0

This has moved to release checklist not aiming for 1.4 and now includes former "Aim tos" from this page. Many of these "Aim tos" are relatively small items but could nonetheless make a worthwhile difference for the time involved. Please do not forget them.

If you claim ownership to items in "Not Aiming", please cut them from that page and park them here: