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This list should only be modified by subscribers to Audacity-devel mailing list.

  • To understand what this Checklist is for and how it is used, please join that list or read the list archives on sourceforge.
  • Following a suggestion by Jeroen, this list has been put on the wiki and the 'Done' items separated from the items that are still to do.

These all for a release candidate start September, and actual release start of November.

This is a companion list to the Documentation Checklist

Essential fixes

  • Fix snapping on playback region. Region currently lost.
  • Update mouse preferences panel to show new bindings.
  • Alert for MP3 invalid bitrate/sample rate combinations.
  • Fix halving of bitrate for mono MP3 tracks - bugzilla:182.
  • Fix warning dlg if double click MP3 whilst importing MP3 on Mac.
  • Fix recovery action if project rate not supported by card.
  • Fix resizing meters on Mac jumps to over-under meters.
  • Fix lose track selection, but no refresh, when click on track panel background.
  • Fix cursor problem when clicking on resizer between tracks.
  • Fix Button order in Click-pop Fx.
  • Fix 'wedge metadata roll-up open - or get Dominic to fine tune'.
  • Address Mihail's dither issue.
  • Address Mihail's rtaudio issue (if we don't support it, then update the docs)
  • Address Mihail's issue: PA19 uses oss; without load/compile oss support in alsa (snd-pcm-oss), audacity crashes on init PA19.
  • Fix ruler font size.
  • Fix ruler off-by-a-few pixels...vertical and horizontal rulers.
  • Fix ruler overcrowding leads to uneven numbering.
  • Fix avoid outrageous zoom when vertical sizing.
  • Fix keyboard prefs on Mac...must click list entries twice...not double click.
  • Fix label track - cutting or copying text within label doesn't get all selected text.
  • Fix label track - clicking label in label track and then a label in a different label track...first label doesn't get unhighlighted.
  • Fix label track - history not updated when modifying label...text or time.
  • Fix label track - clicking label in label track does not set previously selected track to unselected...try it with 2 label tracks and 1 wave track.

Essential changes

For progress on help, see Online help outline. Assistance in getting the help together would be much appreciated.

  • Update Help.
  • details for this section may be moving to Documentation Checklist
  • Incorporate experience from user groups / Audacity Forum into help.
  • Update download manger info on web site.
  • Update Translations

These are other changes to source code that are deemed 'essential'

  • Crash recovery - keep record of blockfile changes and assemble project from that.
  • Provide help-link on prefs panel.
  • Provide 'Unrecognised Audio File Format' dialog with help-link button for more detail.
  • Warn on close-tracks-and-exit, will lose those unsaved tracks.
  • Warn when using tracks-by-reference rather than by-copy.
  • Ensure ID3 tag dialog available for subsequent MP3 exports.
  • Preferences option to solve the 'greying out' of effects confusion.
  • For Mac OS X, build a universal binary, or at least an Intel-Mac version

Aim to

  • Make selection bar floating. (using slightly less ambitious variant of trial version)
  • All keyboard shortcuts changable.
  • Restore split to new track, and smarter re-use of existing tracks with split and duplicate.
  • Radio button for initial language choice.
  • Split at labels to do so with end-to-end labels too.
  • All Fx dialogs using ShuttleGui.
  • Ruler to use same units as selected in selection bar.
  • wxListCtrl-version of label track.
  • Select input source on Mac
  • Greater consistency of '...' in History list.
  • Font height correction/adjustment in Label Track for Cyrillic chars.
  • Play/rec sync in portaudio v19 for Windows
  • Snap-to option that does nearest vertical crossing (left-to-right-rising), enabled by default.
  • Discuss test harnesses. Possibly write some more test code.
  • Springclean docs in root directory, e.g. buglist.txt - update or delete.
  • Max zoom - Ruler/track highlighting out of sync.
  • Max zoom - samples starting before left edge of track aren't plotted while samples extending past right edge are.
  • Max zoom - possible error while plotting negative values.
  • Mouse cursor doesn't change when it should if keyboard is used.
  • Add preference setting for label track font and possibly fonts in general.

Aim to release at same time

  • Two sample alternative themes.
  • The new Nyquist plug ins.
  • Separate zip of LADSPA plug ins.

Not aiming for for 1.4.0

  • Portmixer to support multiple hosts (for DirectSound).
  • DirectSound playback (lower latency)
  • DirectSound Gui support.
  • Labels to move with WaveTrack edits rather than be at fixed times.
  • Dominic's pipe-based scripting. [Could lift this into the aim-to list. It depends on status of the code developed so far. We could perhaps use it in test harness, if it is already nearly there.]
  • Modeless Fx dialogs. Realtime Fx. [Could not produce stable for 1.4.0 version in the timescale.]
  • Vary selection boundaries during loop play, and have sound respond. [This is a small step in real time Fx]
  • Audacity on USB (aka Portable Audacity) - mainly avoid using registry.
  • Rework Fx dialogs to use spin boxes.
  • Scroller for LADSPA effects dialogs.
  • Reduce area/width of selection bar.
  • Merging of change-pitch-speed Fx.

Totally unsure...

  • Remove VST support
  • Add FFTW library
  • Move Fx copyright lower (accessibility) (leave for later if others ask about it)

Essential fixes - Done

  • Fix hotkeys not working until you visit the menus. [Done]
  • Fix temp-directory used for Theme on Mac AND linux AND PC. [Done]
  • Fix metadata editor crash in debug builds. [Done]
  • Fix bug in looped play. [Done]
  • Fix Add label adds to first track, not selected track. [Done]
  • Fix multi-clip crash. [Done]
  • Fix freq-window crash. [Done]
  • Fix crash on auto-detection of file format. [Done]
  • Fix position playback cursor for transcription toolbar. [Done]
  • Fix history-window regression. [Done]
  • Fix button release and focus strangeness. [Done]
  • Fix button problem when toggling fast. [Done]
  • Fix MP3 export to export at project rate. [Done]
  • Fix droplists in toolbars not accessible. [Done]
  • Fix missing mnemonics. [Done]
  • Fix extensions in uppercase not recognised. [Done]
  • Fix _()/wxT() combinations leading to only partial i8ln. [Done]
  • Fix some cases of ruler-clicking play [Done].
  • Fix collision of multi-tool clip drag with (new) play-drag. [Done]
  • Fix Flac-import broken on windows by using text mode for files. [Done]
  • Fix Import MP3 to respect default sample format rather than always use float. [Done]
  • Address Mihail's PA19 wo snd-pcm-os issue and ?????? dev name. [Done. Mihail confirmed]
  • Find scenario to reproduce stray dotted vertical line. [Done]
  • Fix dotted vertical line. [Done]
  • Scrollbars on Linux "randomly" disappear when zooming, adding tracks, ... [Done]
  • Fix need Ctrl+Shift_F twice to fit in window. [Done]
  • Fix slider has no effect in BassBoost Fx. [Done]
  • Fix tools not cycling properly using keyboard. [Done]
  • Fix preferences project rate does not affect main project rate. [Done]

Aim to - Done

  • TimeTextCtrl colours themable - and new defaults. [Done]
  • Short version of Transcription Toolbar, with just the playback speed control. [Done]
  • Fix Tone-gen combo box not accepting clicks (when using ShuttleGui). [Done]
  • Generate effects to include 'chirp'. [Done].
  • Finish HistoryWindow changes. [Done]
  • Playback position dialogs ('[' and ']') to use TimeTextCtrl. [Done]
  • TimeTextCtrl accepts mouse-wheel. [Done]
  • Cyrilic in Label Track boxes. [Done]
  • Re-enabling tooltips on the Mac. [Done]

Aim to release at same time - Done

  • Doxygen documentation in place. [Done]