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This list should only be modified by subscribers to Audacity-devel mailing list.

  • To understand what this Checklist is for and how it is used, please join that list or read the list archives on sourceforge.
  • Following a suggestion by Jeroen, this list has been put on the wiki and the 'Done' items separated from the items that are still to do.

These all for 1.4.0 release. There will be a 1.3.4 beta release as a 1.4.0 candidate.

To take ownership of an issue, add your initials before it like so:

  • [DM] for Dominic Mazzoni
  • [LL] for Leland Lucius
  • [JC] for James Crook
  • [JC->CVS] for James Crook, already have work-in-progress that could be checked in to cvs.
  • etc...

This is a companion list to the Documentation Checklist

Essential fixes

Fixes are the top category, since it is difficult to estimate how long bugs will take to fix.

  • [JC->CVS] Julian's issue of crash when importing same file in second window while first import still proceeding: suggested we have to emulate modal-mode, possibly with our own 'busy' flag.This is a particular case of a more general problem of not being locked-out from initiating new actions when in a progress dialog. We are still allowing commands to run in other Audacity windows while a progress dialogue is already running in one window. Will the work done cure this or have we still got to allow this because of JAWS? If I pitch change a 10 minute tone in one window, then while that is in progress, amplify a 10 second part of a track in another window, amplify takes several minutes if it works at all and then Audacity crashes sooner or later (five times out of five when I have tried it)(GA) The fix prevents all new actions other than cancelling the progress dialog. This is an addition to the JAWS aware code. Although latest code is untested with JAWS, it should still fix the original JAWS problem too (JC)
  • Fix crash on restart when noisegate.nrp is present (the nrp only seems to be written when in Clean Speech mode). Crashing on launch replicable in 1.3.3 on Windows and Linux when CleanSpeech enabled and .nrp present. Possibly related crashes reported on Mac when starting Noise Removal (1.3.2 on Windows crashes in this way - not on launch - when in CleanSpeech mode with nrp file present). See here  for more details. MJS's fix seems to have worked to stop crashing on Windows and Linux. Still needs testing in a new OS X build. NRP file has its own directory in the user's folder for application data - need to make make sure it actually gets written there. NRP file still only written for CleanSpeech mode at present

Essential changes

These are other changes to source code that are deemed essential'. We will do all of these for 1.3.4.

  • [JC->CVS] 'Greying out' of effects confusion - New preference: Select-all-when-none (on by default), selects all audio in all tracks wherever a selection area is valid including Edit menu, reverts to no audio selected after applying the effect or edit. Where a menu item won't work with a selected area, it remains greyed out with no warning thrown. Suggest "Ensure grey out Edit > Split New when no audio is selected, and grey out Edit > Split when no audio tracks are open" in Aim-to is done at the same time
  • [JC->CVS] New Splash-screen to provide introductory advice for newbies on importing and recording plus explanation of why items can be greyed.
  • Remove latency correction from Preferences until fixed so that negative correction is applied and positive correction does not delete the first part of the audio (see Priority Aim to).
  • Update the Unix manual page  to distinguish between 1.3 and 1.2. In particular, remove reference to 1.3 importing multiple files from command line into the same Project, unless fixed (See Aim to for details).
  • [JC] Change dialog when you open a 1.2 project. It should just tell them that this will change the project to a 1.4 project file that can't be opened by 1.2. Unless we fix the problem opening 1.x Projects described in Priority Aim to, an appropriate warning about 1.x Projects must be shown
  • [JC->CVS] Screenshot menu item to not be available in 1.3.4 or 1.4.0 release builds. Should be available in all debug builds and all unstable series builds.
  • Help menu item. At the very least this should link to html help on the internet. Better would be if it opens local html help, if it finds it installed where it expects it to be.
  • Fix: Jorge's Mis-selection of sample rate as 'default' when card can't support file's rate. .... 1.3.3 in Windows for me simply won't do other than select the Default Sample Rate if the sample rate of the imported file is not in the Project Rate dropdown i.e. it's the same behaviour as in 1.3.2. Richard found a test case on Linux where a 40 KHz file with a sound device that only supported 48 Khz always set Project Rate to the default. Need the code to force Project Rate to the rate of imported file irrespective; make playback when Project Rate unsupported always work and ensure this still works if sound device changed in a session. A Preference to always have the Project Rate remain as per its Preference setting irrespective of the file being imported now added as not aiming for 1.4.0.(GA)

Essential fixes: Platform Specific

I put these in a separate category as we could be 'Windows 1.4 ready' but not 'Mac/Linux 1.4 ready', if these are not cleared.


  • [LL] Fix: Unavailable items in application menu on the Mac. How to reproduce 
  • Fix: Mac CoreAudio crash when input device's sample rate is 44100 and the output device's sample rate is 48000.
  • Fix: Mac OS X crash on opening 1.2 project files. Is this still an issue?
  • Fix: Mac OS X crash on recovering files. Is this only a Mac issue, and if so do we have any idea why it is Mac specific? I think there are two issues 1) a freeze on Intel Macs (2) a non-crash situation on Intel and PPC where you recover, receive a "junk after document" warning and are presented with empty tracks. See here  and contact GA if you want an example auto save file and _data folder
  • Shift-P doesn't open the Panning dialog on the Mac because Pause catches the same key, so we should change that to another key.
  • Problem with inability to launch Audacity on non-admin accounts on Network Home ( see here) and on managed accounts - see here .

Mac *and* Linux

  • [LL] Fix: Random bits of silence during recording (non-Jack version of this problem). [Mac only?] Progress: Udo tried smaller blocksize in linux/jack version of this problem and can now fault after 4 mins. Perhaps small blocksize will help us track down the problem on non-Jack set ups too. However, perhaps Udo's progress is only relevant to using Jack and no help to Mac?


  • Fix: Recovery action if project rate not supported by card. OK on Windows.
  • Address Mihail's issue: PA19 uses oss; without load/compile oss support in alsa (snd-pcm-oss), audacity crashes on init PA19.

Essentials: No longer Issues?

  • Envelope Handling Fixes: Are these worse than they were in 1.2.5? If not, can we demote them from "essentials" to "aim-to's" so as not to hold up the release? The old issue of envelope points not restoring properly when reopening never quite seems to go away on Macs -see here. Move this to watching brief/Mac issue?
    • Fix: Envelope editing, in particular when you split a track that contains envelope edits - no end points on a 'split' leading to envelope changes on a 'split'.
    • Fix bugs where two tracks in a stereo pair can show different envelopes; they should always be the same. Also fix any sync issues of envelope editing with a stereo pair - the current implementation is prone to error if the tracks are not the same size and don't have synced envelopes to begin with.
    • Fix: Envelope handling when you cut, paste, and join clips. Try to merge envelopes together when you merge two clips together.
    • Fix: Envelope end points not added consistently
    • Fix: Superfluous envelope points added automatically

Watching Brief

These once were issues. They seem to have gone, but some problems seem to come and go, so we keep them here to remind ourselves of them....

  • Intermittent failure to detect playback and recording clipping noted on Windows XP SP2 machine, currently no longer reproducible (GA to report if recurs)
  • Intermittent failure to snap shifted tracks or dragged selections on Windows XP SP2 machine (this is a consistent problem, it works only about every other time Audacity is launched)
  • Keep an eye out for possible lack of closing '</project>' tag in autosaving.
  • Keep eye out for abnormal silence added when exporting selection as MP3 - see Bug 271. Possibly related problem found in 1.3.3 released build with silenced audio in MP3s when exporting multiple with labels. See steps to reproduce. Repeating this test when exporting multiple with tracks instead of labels gives a normal export, as does Export Selection as. None of the above problems yet replicated in CVS. Should be added to Beta 1.3.4 test notes to look out for if not resolved.

Priority Aim to

These are items which were in the aim-to list which are being prioritised. None of them are show stoppers which can hold up the release.

  • [JC->CVS] Change Jimmy Johnson's "Help" button to use html text built into the program (about 3 paragraphs).
  • [JC->CVS] Monitoring ON by default. Feedback from is that ON is OK on low powered machines, and that it being OFF by default leads new users to think their mic is not working. Some progress. Unfortunately every time you record or play, monitoring is switched off after you stop. If I switch it on again automatically the 'play' cursor is drawn in red (as a record cursor). So, it's not as simple as just setting the default value of a variable to true. This might not make 1.4, in which case we might want some wording in the splash screen on recording about it.

  • [JC->CVS] Apply Chris Cannam's vamp patch and SDK 1.1. One reason this is a priority aim-to is that doing it now helps ensure that vamp evolves with Audacity rather than without. Update: Now works with Windows; Soon to be checked in. Chris has given a patch that fixes one remaining problem.
  • Ability to add a label anywhere in a label track by just typing without ctrl-B first, when a selection region of any size is on a single track and the track is a label track.
  • [JC->CVS] Fix: Old projects open incorrectly - reported by Monty. Status as an 'essential fix' was conditional on developers having a test example they can see the problem on. JC now has an example project created in 1.1.0 that when opened in 1.3.3, incorrectly shows all .auf files as orphaned blockfiles and so the _data folder is emptied when you choose to delete them. JC now has Audacity correctly identifying the real orphans (there are 10), but the waveform is still opening as blank. Needs more investigation.
  • Optional beep on completion of long activities. On the understanding this is a Preference, would it be an accessibility enhancement to have a beep after completion of any process?
  • Fix if a label is duplicated along with its audio, the label is time shifted to zero
  • Truncate silence – disallow max silence duration of "0" as this corrupts the audio (or fix the problem)
  • Problems with recording latency correction:
    • Tune PA19 so does better job synchronising recorded audio. If cannot be improved, consider reverting to old default -100 ms correction instead of 0 ms .
    • Ensure backwards correction is applied, and forwards correction is applied instead of deleting the first part of recording as now.
    • Ensure audio manually shifted behind zero can always play, then consider if backwards correction should a) allow shifting behind zero b) if not, should audio be truncated, or should the correction be stopped when zero is reached?

Aim to

  • Fix: (low priority) Snapping on playback region - when you enable snapping the playback region jumps to the selection, rather than snapping to the nearest points.
  • Fix: (low priority) Playback region lost. The particular scenario is setting a playback region in the ruler different to the selection, then clicking play. On completion of playback, the playback region reverts to the selection.
  • Ensure Metadata editor appears of its own accord. It does not currently appear either for first or subsequent MP3 exports of its own accord, and should do so also for FLAC and OGG exports. We still need to discuss what is the most appropriate behaviour e.g. always popup on second export in session? This is not a crashing bug, and not having tags isn't a dire problem, so this is now only an aim-to.
  • Either warn when Prefs closed with autosave turned off, or ensure that Audacity warns when restarting after crash with autosave disabled: (1) that temp files are present (2) does not let you exit without reminding of you of those files. Users experienced enough to turn off autosave aren't total newbies. Should expect that turning off autosave reduces likelihood of recovery from errors. Fix not essential. JC This does miss the point that you can accidentally turn off autosave especially if using the keyboard - IMHO though not quite essential it is very important given Audacity gives you no help at all when you restart after a crash with autosave off.(GA)
  • Reinstate ability to import multiple files from the command line into the same Project. Check if doing this results in right-click > "Open with" from a file manager changing its current behaviour, which is that import of subsequent files are into different Projects. In view of our stated comment in the Unix Manual that importing files into the same Project is convenient, consider in any case if there should be a Preference to choose behaviour when importing subsequent files, and whether the better default would be to import into the same Project.
  • Fix: Selection does not move with time shifting clip. Documentation issue - need to click within selection before dragging.
  • Fix: Selecting inhibits movement of clip onto another track. Only if you click within the selection. Clicking outside allows you to move the clip.
  • Discuss test harnesses. Possibly write some more test code.
  • Springclean docs in root directory, e.g. buglist.txt - delete.
  • Ruler to use same units as selected in selection bar.
  • Use orange for high-water-bar in sound level meter, not blue. Is it not better to use orange for the RMS and red for the peak on both record and playback meters? The confusion is the red for RMS in Recording meter when red is colour for clipping in both meters (GA)
  • Fix all effects so that ALT + the appropriate letter always applies the relevant button without having to change the effect settings first (compressor is one offender). If possible permit all effects including Nyquist to accept the appropriate letter without modifier to apply the button, even if focus is in a text box (this should possibly be "not aiming for 1.4")
  • Determine why ALT+ menubar access key doesn't work when label track has the focus.
  • Hide all warnings except the first when exporting multiple MP3s with illegal sample rate/bit rate combination.
  • Fix: Jorge's pop-click on starting Audacity.
  • Once suitable modification in place, consider a Nyquist plug-in for creating a cue sheet or possibly direct Export as Cue Sheet, as discussed with Leland (but can be moved to "not aiming" if needs be)
  • When selecting a region over a label and cutting or copying, ensure label text, not the system clipboard content, is pasted into the text of the label
  • When selecting a region over a label that denotes a selection area and cutting or copying, ensure the pasted label is of the selection region, not a cursor point (this is a regression on 1.2.6)
  • Prevent Edit > Silence removing a label, it should only silence the referenced audio
  • Ensure proper saving of exported audio file when Audacity runs out of space and warn what was done, especially on Linux (seems on Windows that a clean file is saved). Consider checking free space before starting export
  • Auto Save procedure to save strictly every x minutes to preserve changes made inside saving period. Note autosave can only be done when no editing is going on, and no edit can be performed until auto-save has finished. Consider "Auto Saving Project" progress bar or Status Bar message to show this.
  • Fix deleting entire area of a Label track between two labels deletes the right-hand label
  • Check labels consistently allow entry of z (reported by Julian on Linux and by user on OS X 10.4.10 with released 1.3.3)
  • Check typing square brackets in labels bring up a "move the audio cursor to start/end" dialogue rather than inserting as text (reported by Julian on Linux also by by user on OS X 10.4.10 with released 1.3.3, but not apparent to GA on Windows)
  • Ensure we grey out Edit > Split New when no audio is selected, and grey out Edit > Split when no audio tracks are open
  • Track display: when a labelled region is selected, the display has a one-pixel gap between RHS of grey selection and the RHS line of the label selected. [JC]
  • Label text editing: Selecting part of label text by dragging with the mouse doesn't start selection at beginning of drag, but at wherever the text cursor was previously
  • Left single-clicking no longer removes cut lines and clip boundaries, but left double-clicking does. Ensure that click or double-click close to the line snaps to it.
  • Prevent Effect > Repeat drawing clip boundaries at each repeat and ensure no undo history written for each repeat.
  • [MS]Change cut line colour from red as this is now the colour for View Clipping
  • [MS] A new icon for <->, since it now moves things up and down as well
  • Improve poor capability importing compressed files in WAV containers such as are common in personal recorders. An example WAV containing IMA ADPCM data which is unimportable is here 

Aim to release at same time

  • The new Nyquist plug ins.

Not aiming to do for 1.4.0

This has moved to release checklist not aiming for 1.4 in order to make the Checklist more easily scannable again.

Essential fixes/changes - Done

  • Change logic for import and open of files, so that we reject .wma and similar unsupported files before seeing if we can open them with a supported importer. Also warn the user in the case where we had to guess which importer to use. [Done]
  • Improved warning message on close on empty. [Done]
  • Move prompt to save on empty from batch preferences to interface preferences. [Done]
  • Fix: Import Raw crashes Audacity when you select encodings from dropdown list [Done]
  • Fix: Lose track selection, but no refresh, when click on track panel background. Was in the 'unsure' category, but now confirmed OK on windows. [Done]
  • Update mouse preferences panel to show new bindings. [Done]
  • #ifdef FTP menu item to be experimental only. (Longer term FTP needs to migrate to a plug-in or better still a bridge). [Done]
  • Fix: Problem (crash) with playback of audio mix containing different bitrates. For scenario to reproduce, contact James or Federico [Done]
  • Provide 'Unrecognised Audio File Format' dialog with help-link button for more detail. Jimmy Johnson's patch now applied [Done]
  • Fix when File > Save Project As.. empty Project and force quit Audacity, recovered Project has no audio. Steps to reproduce here. While fixing, consider disallowing Save Project As/allowing Save Project when saving empty Project to save user confusion whenever saving. Problems were due to extra 'project' tag. and channel number being set to number-of-channels. [Done]
  • Fix no close button 'X' in title-bar of metadata editor, under Windows XP. [Done]
  • Fix selection edge moving when opposite edge dragged past it [Done]
  • Fix ruler font size. [Done]
  • Fix ruler off-by-a-few pixels...vertical and horizontal rulers. [Done]
  • Fix hotkeys not working until you visit the menus. [Done]
  • Fix temp-directory used for Theme on Mac AND linux AND PC. [Done]
  • Fix metadata editor crash in debug builds. [Done]
  • Fix ID3v2 tags so they are readable by all players not just iTunes [Done]
  • Fix bug in looped play. [Done]
  • Fix Add label adds to first track, not selected track. [Done]
  • Fix multi-clip crash. [Done]
  • Fix freq-window crash. [Done]
  • Fix crash on auto-detection of file format. [Done]
  • Fix position playback cursor for transcription toolbar. [Done]
  • Fix history-window regression. [Done]
  • Fix button release and focus strangeness. [Done]
  • Fix button problem when toggling fast. [Done]
  • Fix MP3 export to export at project rate. [Done]
  • Alert for MP3 invalid bitrate/sample rate combinations. [Done]
  • Fix droplists in toolbars not accessible. [Done]
  • Fix missing mnemonics. [Done]
  • Fix extensions in uppercase not recognised. [Done]
  • Fix _()/wxT() combinations leading to only partial i8ln. [Done]
  • Fix some cases of ruler-clicking play [Done].
  • Fix collision of multi-tool clip drag with (new) play-drag. [Done]
  • Fix Flac-import broken on windows by using text mode for files. [Done]
  • Fix Import MP3 to respect default sample format rather than always use float. [Done]
  • Address Mihail's PA19 wo snd-pcm-os issue and ?????? dev name. [Done. Mihail confirmed]
  • Find scenario to reproduce stray dotted vertical line. [Done]
  • Fix dotted vertical line. [Done]
  • Scrollbars on Linux "randomly" disappear when zooming, adding tracks, ... [Done]
  • Fix need Ctrl+Shift_F twice to fit in window. [Done]
  • Fix slider has no effect in BassBoost Fx. [Done]
  • Fix tools not cycling properly using keyboard. [Done]
  • Fix preferences project rate does not affect main project rate. [Done]
  • Fix label track - clicking label in label track and then a label in a different label track...first label doesn't get unhighlighted. [Done]
  • Fix keyboard prefs on Mac...must click list entries twice...not double click. [Done]
  • Fix label track - cutting or copying text within label doesn't get all selected text. [Done]
  • Fix label track - history not updated when modifying label...text or time. [Done]
  • Address Mihail's dither issue. [Done]
  • Fix label track - clicking label in label track does not set previously selected track to unselected...try it with 2 label tracks and 1 wave track. [Done]
  • Fix resizing meters on Mac jumps to over-under meters. [Done]
  • Fix seek during playback consistently causing track to stop playing before end of track or selection is reached (even occurs with short selections) [Done]
  • Fix bugs listed in Audacity/Jaws tutorial [Done]
  • Template Feature in Metadata Editor is broken [Done]
  • Fix Button order in Click-pop Fx. [Done, I think, at least they are all the same now]
  • Fix enable Snap-to, restart Audacity and Snap indication gone, though snap still enabled [Done]
  • Work out build issues in FileDialog (remove dependence on private wx headers)[Done]
  • Selection Bar's TimeTextCtrls shouldn't reset to 0 when you change formats.[Done]
  • Fix wedge Metadata roll-up open or get Dominic to fine tune [Done]
  • Metadata Editor does not recognise tags in FLAC and OGG files even if created by Audacity. {Done - and seems stable - GA]
  • Fix: Warning dlg if double click MP3 whilst importing MP3 on Mac.
  • Fix: Disallow clicking on menus when a progress dialog is running, as per 1.2.x behaviour (liable to cause crashes). 'This has an interaction with JAWS. It's due to a change in the way progress dialogs are managed. We're currently discussing whether there is an easier way of getting 'ShowModal()' like behaviour without closing-down each prohibited event type individually.
  • Fix: Progress dialog to appear for long Generate effects.
  • Fix: Linux seg fault in dev build caused when dragging a track vertically. Problem tracked down and made reproducable by Julian. 2xStereo track, 1xLabel track, drag up and down about 20 times. Fine on Windows.... Julian reports fixed after code fix 24Aug07.[Done]

Aim to - Done

  • More space in solo/mute buttons for translation. [Done]
  • Chirp effect to have different volume and pitch by default at 30s from at 0s, so that 'chirp' with defaults is not the same as 'tone'. [Done]
  • Clarify reporting of information in benchmark dialog. Blocksize had two meanings in this dialog, we now use the terminology 'blocks' for the files and 'chunks' for the pieces that get cut and pasted during the editing. [Done]
  • TimeTextCtrl colours themable - and new defaults. [Done]
  • Short version of Transcription Toolbar, with just the playback speed control. [Done]
  • Restore split to new track, and smarter re-use of existing tracks with split and duplicate. [Done]
  • Fix Tone-gen combo box not accepting clicks (when using ShuttleGui). [Done]
  • Generate effects to include 'chirp'. [Done].
  • Finish HistoryWindow changes. [Done]
  • Playback position dialogs ('[' and ']') to use TimeTextCtrl. [Done]
  • TimeTextCtrl accepts mouse-wheel. [Done]
  • Cyrilic in Label Track boxes. [Done]
  • Re-enabling tooltips on the Mac. [Done]
  • Add remaining wxColours to the Themability. [Done, to the extent planned for 1.4]
  • Audacity on USB (aka Portable Audacity) - mainly avoid using registry. [Done]
  • Select input source on Mac [Done]
  • wxListCtrl-version of label track. [Done]
  • Make selection bar floating. (using slightly less ambitious variant of trial version) [Done]
  • Batch: *chain* configuration NOT in preferences. [Done]
  • Batch: Solve Markus' issue. [Done]
  • Batch: Stereo and all-export/import-formats supported [Done]
  • Batch: Pre-defined chains in a list rather than via buttons [Done]
  • Fix: Avoid outrageous zoom when vertical sizing. Can someone give more details about what this one is about? You used to be able to zoom in/out to extreme (unreasonable) factors. I believe Martyn corrected this a while back. It no longer occurs.[Done]
  • Font height correction/adjustment in Label Track for Cyrillic chars.[Done]
  • Fix: OK button in label editor should be set as the default[Done]
  • Fix: Pressing ESC while editing a cell in the Label Editor shouldn't terminate the dialog[Done]
  • EQ - fix when start from clean XML, open existing curve, make flat, draw custom curve then save as new name, existing curve is flat when reopened [Done] But check if Julian's related issues are cured

Aim to release at same time - Done

  • Doxygen documentation in place. [Done]
  • Separate zip of LADSPA plug ins.

Not aiming to do for 1.4.0 - Done

  • Taken out some ConsistencyCheck() calls which led to quadratic time algorithms when generating audio. I.e generating long test files took ridiculous amounts of time. These were previously present whether in Debug or Release build.
  • Fix: Edit ID3 Tags did not have a close button in title bar due to Windows Bug.
  • GPL appears in a tab in the AboutBox.
  • Scroller for LADSPA effects dialogs.
  • Reduce area/width of selection bar.
  • Portmixer to support multiple hosts (for DirectSound and ALSA). [Done]
  • DirectSound playback (lower latency) [Done]
  • Added ability to set Track Label font across sessions via the Track Label menu [Done]