Release Notes 2.0.6

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Changes in Audacity 2.0.6 since version 2.0.5:


* Interface:
  * Redesigned, searchable Keyboard Preferences with Tree, Name and Key views.  
  * Edit Menu: "Cut" and "Delete" are now in the top level of the menu.  
  * Transport Menu now includes "Play/Stop" and "Play/Stop and Set Cursor" 
     (use Keyboard Preferences to create shortcuts for "Play" and "Stop").
  * Tracks Menu now includes "Mix and Render to New Track". 
  * Track Drop-Down Menu now has Move Track To Top and Move Track To Bottom. 
  * New right-click menu choice "Delete Label" to remove single labels.
  * "Snap To" now offers choice of snap to the "closest" or "prior" position.
     Note: the previous "Snap To On" keyboard shortcut will no longer work.   
  * "Snap To" settings are now independent for each project.
* Effects:
  * Truncate Silence: redesigned with simpler option "Truncate Detected 
     Silence" to shorten to the specified length without compressing silence.
  * VST effects: New "Settings" dialog lets you specify buffer size (for 
     faster processing) and enable buffer delay compensation (to prevent
     inserted silence). Compensation may cause a crash in a few plug-ins. 
  * VST effects now support standard FXP presets.  
  * LV2 effects are now supported on all platforms (textual interface only).    
Peter 26Sep14: The Manual states FFmpeg 2.2.2 is required for "latest Audacity" and that is the version on Buanzo's site.
    "FFmpeg 2.2.2 for Windows and Mac should be used with the latest version of Audacity. The previous FFmpeg 0.6.2 for Audacity will not be recognized by Audacity 2.0.6 and later, and FFmpeg 2.2.2 will not be recognized by Audacity versions before 2.0.6." FFmpeg 1.2 will work, as it says in the instructions for Linux, but who is going to self-compile FFmpeg on Win and Mac when a ready build of 2.2.2 is available?
* Import or export using FFmpeg now requires FFmpeg 1.2 or later (or libav
   0.8 or later). For recommended downloads of recent FFmpeg please visit: .
* New Tamil translation (largely complete). 
* (Windows) FLAC exports can now exceed 2 GB in size. 
* (OS X) Easier Audacity installation using the DMG: drag the Audacity folder
   to the /Applications shortcut, 
* (OS X) Audacity 2.0.6 will not officially support OS X 10.10 Yosemite when 
   released (in particular, Apple Audio Units may not open in Audacity).
* (Linux) Self-compiled builds of Audacity now search for system LADSPA 
   effects in /usr/lib/ladspa.

Bug fixes for:

* Interface:
  * Region Restore did not restore the region after using Preferences. 
  * Dragging selections with the keyboard or Selection Toolbar digits 
     was very slow.  
  * (Windows) Help > About Audacity crashed when run in Magyar language.  
  * (OS X) Some full and reduced Menu Bar items were not translated.  
  * (OS X and Linux) Fixed various interface crashes.
* Effects:
  * Reverb and Paulstretch were missing from Chains.
  * Analyze > Contrast could report very inaccurate rms levels.
  * Noise Removal: Attack and decay times were half as long as set.  
  * (OS X and Linux) Nyquist effects ran much more slowly than on Windows. 
* Click or drag on the Timeline after Loop Play continued to loop.
* Transcription Toolbar did not play slower than 0.1x speed.
* (Linux) Audacity did not build if python 2 was not available.