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Audacity 2.3.0 was released on 13 August 2019. or perhaps earlier
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Changes and improvements since previous version

Audacity 2.3.0 replaces all previous versions.

  • Over 90 bugs fixed since 2.2.2.
    • Includes fixes to Timer Record, and to 'Envelope Points'.
  • New feature - "Punch and Roll Recording".
  • Toolbars controlling volume and speed can now be resized for greater precision.
  • Play-at-speed now can be adjusted whilst playing.
  • Option to 'normalize by loudness' in normalize effect.
  • Macros (formerly 'Chains') substantially extended.
  • Pinned-play-head can now be repositioned by dragging.

Full details at New Features in 2.3.0

Bug Fixes

For those who really have to know details of all the bugs fixed, the list of bugs fixed in 2.3.0 is here.
  • Timer record continues recording and does not stop at the stated time. You may on low powered hardware still see slow updates to the timer, and we haven't fixed that entirely yet.
  • QM 1.7.1 plug-in crash, now fixed.
  • Envelope curves got badly confused when joining clips.
  • "The Incredible Shrinking Toolbars" - Toolbars getting smaller if you repeatedly docked and undocked them.

Supported Platforms

Audacity is for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop machines. There is no version of Audacity for Android or iPhone.
  • Audacity 2.3.0 requires the CPU to support the SSE2 instruction set which should be available on any Intel hardware produced after 2001 and any AMD hardware produced after 2003. To check what SSE levels your CPU supports, you can install CPU-Z. If your hardware only supports SSE, you may download Audacity 2.0.6 see the Legacy Windows page on the Audacity Website.
  • 2.3.0 does not support Windows XP. You may try 2.2.2 on XP, but it is unsupported.
macOS / Mac OS X
  • Linux support is tested on Ubuntu Linux.
    • Audacity may compile on Gentoo, Debian, Mint.
    • Audacity does not currently compile on SuSE Linux.

Highlighted Issues

See our list of issues for much more detail of issues with Audacity 2.3.0.
  • Below are listed what we believe are the most common and important issues with 2.3.0 for most users.


  • Far less of Audacity is properly accessible to visually impaired users than we would like. Currently the best supported platform for accessibility is Windows. We lost a lot of custom accessibility programming when we had to move to a more recent version of the wxWidgets library. A lot more detail about accessibility limitations can be found here


  • Audacity is only partially translated in many languages. We also have some issues, for example, with Right-To_left Languages.

Selected Bugzilla-Tracked Bugs

IDSummary (3 tasks) ID
42Timer Record occasionally carries on recording past the scheduled end, requiring force quit42
276Linux: PULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streams.276
1765Using File > Open to import audio gives wrong zoom level and no scroll bar slider1765
  • Click on the bug numbers to see work done on these bugs.
The bugzilla query below needs to be edited for the issues we want to highlight in this release