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This page provides a detailed list of issues for Audacity 2.3.0
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Known Major Issues at Release


Known Issues

Accessibility Issues and Localization Issues are tracked separately.
  • RepeatableAll bugs happen on all platforms, Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Repeatable bugs are ones that we know how to make happen, but don't happen on all platforms.
  • MoonPhase and CometReturns bugs are bugs that are seen rarely, and we don't know how to make them happen (makes it harder for us to debug them).
  • Enhancements are not actually bugs, but are places in Audacity where we have consensus about what Audacity should do that it does not currently do.

Bugs with Documented Workarounds

IDPSeveritySummary (2 tasks) cf_workaroundID
276P3RepeatableLinux: PULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streamsTry launching Audacity from the terminal with the pulse latency set to 30 ms in an environment variable:
    {{code|1=env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 audacity}} If you get underruns noted in the terminal, try a higher number in the PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC command. If the problem is unchanged, try a lower number. Alternatively, bypass pulseaudio by setting the playback and recording device to an ALSA (hw) choice in Device Toolbar. More help with this can be found here.
Or set the output device to "dmix"
2171P3RepeatableAllToolbars are not repainted on theme change until close and reopen Audacity.Close and reopen Audacity.2171

Bugs with no Workarounds Documented

IDPSeveritySummary (16 tasks) ID
2734P2RepeatableAllApply macro may not create the macro-output folder in the source directory2734
2201P3RepeatableLinux: Audacity does not follow the XDG Base Directory Specification2201
1314P3RepeatableLinux: Audacity doesn't remember being extended across multiple displays1314
1826P3RepeatableLinux: Dropout detection fails to detect dropouts on Linux1826
1834P3RepeatableLinux: Help -> Quick Help dialog produces an empty second dialog1834
2361P3RepeatableLinux: High-dpi displays are not supported2361
2675P3RepeatableLinux: Malformed tool tips in Mixer Board2675
1713P3RepeatableLinux: MIDI: Note track playback requires additional set up1713
2674P3RepeatableLinux: Mixer Board sliders slow to respond when multiple tracks2674
2678P3RepeatableLinux: Source will not build if path contains a space character2678
1071P3RepeatableLinux: Ubuntu Unity: Crash accessing non-RTP effect in another project when a non-RTP effect is already previewing1071
1209P3RepeatableLinux: Vertical ruler shows no numbers at extreme zoom level with non-linear Track spectrogram frequency1209
2385P3RepeatableLinux: wxgtk3: Background fails to update with i3 Window manager2385
335P3RepeatableLinux: wxWidgets locale translations not being used335
306P3RepeatableLinux: xrun glitches when recording with software playthrough, caused by too demanding PortAudio latencies306
2355P3RepeatableMac: Moving focus within the toolbar with tabbing gets stuck at playback meter.2355

This table has notes with some further user help and explanations of impact of these bugs.
2355Go to System Settings and open Keyboard/Shortcuts setting and set the Keyboard Access to "all controls". Control+F7 will toggle this setting as well.
1071GROUP: Effects and Analysis
  • (Linux) On Ubuntu with the Unity interface enabled in audacity.desktop, previewing a built-in or Nyquist effect or generator in one project then opening the same effect or generator in another project will cause a crash. There may sometimes be a crash if opening any built-in or Nyquist effect or generator in another project when such an effect is already previewing.
1314GROUP: Interface
  • (Linux) Audacity currently does not support being extended across multiple displays, so that Audacity is visibly straddled between monitors. If Audacity is quit when the greater part is on the primary monitor, Audacity reopens centred on the primary monitor. If Audacity is quit when the greater part is on the secondary monitor, Audacity reopens on and at left of the secondary monitor.
  • 1834Group: Interface
  • On Linux if you have no local Manual installed, when you use Help > Quick Help you get two dialogs (instead of the single one expected). One of these dialogs is empty.
  • 1713GROUP: MIDI
  • (OS X and Linux) Note track playback requires additional setup on Mac and Linux. See these pages on the wiki for Mac and Linux
  • 1826GROUP: Playback and Recording
  • (Linux) Dropout detection may not work.
  • 2201Group:Linux
    • Audacity does not follow the XDG Base Directory Specification
    276GROUP:Miscellaneous platform-specific issues
    • (Linux) A playback or recording freeze, recording dropouts or fast playback may occur when using PulseAudio. Freezes may be caused by repeatedly starting and stopping playback or recording in quick succession (or by holding down the Play or Record button).
    306GROUP:Playback and Recording
    • (OS X and Linux) PortAudio's default latency values which are used when recording with software playthrough are much lower than Audacity's default "Audio to buffer" setting. This may cause playthrough or recording glitches when recording with software playthrough enabled, especially when using pulse on Linux. Workaround for Linux: record from an (hw) device instead if software playthrough is required.
    2361Linux: High-dpi display is not supported. Workaround: Set Desktop font scaling small enough to make Audacity usable
    2678When building from source, ensure that the source tree path does not contain any space characters.