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Audacity 3.2 was released on xx xxx 2022
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This is a patch release for Audacity 3.2.

Changes and improvements since previous version

none yet

Supported Platforms

Audacity is for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop machines. There is no version of Audacity for Android or iPhone.
  • Audacity 3.2 supports Windows 10 & 11
    • Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1 should still work, but are no longer tested.
    • Downloads for older versions are available on the Legacy Windows page on the Audacity Website.
macOS / Mac OS X
  • In addition to the traditional update path via package managers, Audacity 3.0.3 and onwards are distributed as an AppImage. The AppImage gets updated at the same time as the Windows and macOS versions, so if you collaborate with users on those platforms, you may want to use the AppImage over your distribution's package manager.
  • Linux support is tested on Ubuntu 20.04.
    • Other Linux distributions should work, but aren't tested by the Audacity team.