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This page attempts to provide a description of what needs to be done in order to do an Audacity release.


  • Set a string freeze date. After this point, no changes are made to any of the translatable strings within Audacity. The audacity.pot file needs to be updated with the frozen strings, and posted to audacity.sourceforge.net
  • Create the release announcement for the website, commit to CVS so that it goes into the audacity_website.pot file and is available to translators.
  • Merge new strings into .po files in CVS?
  • Notify the audacity-translation list that the string freeze is happening and what the target completion date is (leaving some time to build the final installers after that date and before the release itself. Final translations aren't needed for initial release candidates however.).


  • Start the Release Notes page on the wiki
  • Write the news announcement, get into CVS.
  • Forum announcement.

Download Files

  • Set code freeze date.
  • Build release candidate Windows Installer, Zip, Mac DMG, Zip, Linux Full and Minimal source tarballs.
  • Upload somewhere so that people can download them for testing. Post links on [email protected]
  • Resolve issues and re-post as needed.
  • Build final distributions with final translations included in them.