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Steps to build DMG and zip

build wx=

  1. If you already have a universal, current wxMac with all patches then you can skip this
  2. download wxMac
  3. apply patches - some may be on list. (as of 2.8.12 there is one patch: wxMacAdditions/wxMac_bug_2_10.5.8_PPC.patch)
  4. configure for universal *against the 10.4 sdk* or ppcs won't be able to run.
  5. TODO post correct configure

  1. get a clean audacity checkout
  2. open a terminal
  3. cd to the audacity root directory
  4. run ./scripts/mac_release_build (FROM THE ROOT DIRECTORY)
  5. this will create two tarballs outside of the root.
  6. expand and build these with './configure;make'