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Sorting of this list to any perceived priority is encouraged. If any items here are completed before 1.4.0 is released, please cut them from this page and paste back into the Release Checklist at Not aiming - Done.

  • Fix: Random bits of silence during recording (Jack version of this problem). Progress: Udo has tried smaller blocksize. Can now fault after 4 mins, rather than an hour. Richard has done some experiments and found that Audacity-With-Jack is seriously broken. We can't release Audacity-with-Jack for 1.4.
  • [JC] A little more useful diagnostics in the benchmarking dialog, and possibly some instrumentation of the blockfile system.
  • Fix halving of bitrate for mono MP3 tracks - bugzilla:182. Is a feature request. Depends whether we consider bytes/sec of audio or bytes/sec/track the more important, and that may vary from one user to another. Bugzilla has been updated to reflect this.
  • Theme: Fix: Updating theme causes PortAudio selector drop down in mixer toolbar to disappear.
  • Batch: More example chains.
  • Batch: Better naming of preference parameters.
  • [LL] All keyboard shortcuts changable.
  • Radio button for initial language choice.
  • Split at labels to do so with end-to-end labels too.
  • [LL] All Fx dialogs using ShuttleGui.
  • [LL] Greater consistency of '...' in History list.
  • Play/rec sync in portaudio v19 for Windows
  • Max zoom - Ruler/track highlighting out of sync.
  • Max zoom - samples starting before left edge of track aren't plotted while samples extending past right edge are.
  • Max zoom - possible error while plotting negative values.
  • [LL] Mouse cursor doesn't change when it should if keyboard is used.
  • Discuss adding Preferences setting for fonts except the Label Track.
  • Add FFTW library
  • Branches into Plug-Ins?
    • [VJ] Port Lyrics Windows from UmixIt custom build.
    • [VJ] Port Branding from UmixIt & Thinklabs custom builds.
    • [VJ] Port other miscellaneous features from UmixIt & Thinklabs custom builds.
  • Idea: display envelope handles linearly, but just implement them exponentially under the hood. That would make the GUI potentially much easier. should never have been in the essentials list.
  • DirectSound Gui support.
  • Two sample alternative themes. [Themeability prefs will be disabled in stable 1.4 release and release candidate, only available in unstable builds.]
  • Labels to move with WaveTrack edits rather than be at fixed times.
  • Dominic's pipe-based scripting. [Could lift this into the aim-to list. It depends on status of the code developed so far. We could perhaps use it in test harness, if it is already nearly there.]
  • Modeless Fx dialogs. Realtime Fx. [Could not produce stable for 1.4.0 version in the timescale.]
  • Vary selection boundaries during loop play, and have sound respond. [This is a small step in real time Fx]
  • Rework Fx dialogs to use spin boxes.
  • Merging of change-pitch-speed Fx.
  • Look at possibility of supporting right-to-left languages in labels
  • Provide help-link on prefs panel.
  • Improved context-specific help,e.g. for Jimmy's Help button: first by local HTML copy, then by internet, else by better error
  • 'Hidden features' via registry/ini file. Just disable outright for 1.4.0.
    • Hide/disable CleanSpeech (contact Lynn?) leave as is for 1.4.0??
    •  ??Hide/disable FTP (contact Wing Yu?)
    • Hide/disable Theme Prefs 'already disabled for 1.4.0'
    •  ??Hide/disable 'Advanced Mixing' [to be discussed....]??
  • [MJS or anybody else] Finish PauseRecOnSilence - pre/post roll would be good.
  • Add crossfade when looping to prevent possible clicks/pops.
  • Fix cursor problem when clicking on resizer between tracks. Please describe the problem in more detail Add two mono tracks, click within second track to position cursor, click and drag inbetween tracks to resize, release mouse button. First track gains focus causing both tracks to have a cursor drawn.
  • Batch processing on imported files needs to clear temp files after each export to allow unattended processing of many files
  • Snap/Snap-to:
    • Fix labels added with "Add label at Playback position" aren't recognised by Snap
    • Fix Cut lines not recognised by Snap
    • Snap-to option that does nearest vertical crossing left-to-right-rising), enabled by default.
  • [LL] Extend usability of TimeTextCtrl for screen readers
  • Fix: Label lines disappear when label track height is larger than track panel height...maximize project window, add labels, resize label track to fill window, decrease window height, and scroll...label lines will disappear.
  • Fix: Do not resize track when pointer is at top of track...move cursor outside the top of a track, move down slowly until the pointer changes shape (like the pencil or i-beam), now left click and drag up and down...the bottom of the track will be resized.
  • [JC] Apply James' patch to prevent missing numbers on timeline
  • Export multiple with chains
  • Add shortcut key which would allow you to move all the track faders together by the same amount (consider for 1.5.0)