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The above information will give us a good bug report to go on.  
The above information will give us a good bug report to go on.  
==If you can give us more information...==
We have an important bug which only show very occasionally and which we are particularly keen to track down.  If you see this, and are pretty familiar with Audacity, some additional information could really help us.  Let us know if you think there is
something else that might be relevant to making the bug appear.
{{hint|Please don't forget the standard information... we still need to know what operating system and what version of Audacity you were using (Help > About Audacity or Audacity > About Audacity on Mac).}}
==What Not to Do==
==What Not to Do==

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Think you've found a bug in Audacity? Having trouble getting it to work? This page describes how to report this to the development team in a way that will help us find and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Bug reports should be made on the Audacity Forum, but please read this page thoroughly before making your report.

Steps to Reporting a Bug

1.  First, make sure your problem isn't merely an Audacity feature you haven't found yet! You can find immediate answers to many common questions on the Frequently Asked Questions in the Manual and on this Wiki. You can use the search box top right of the main Audacity website to search that website or the Wiki and Forum, or you can search this Wiki from the search box at the left hand side of any page.
2.  Next, please check your problem isn't already known about. Check the Release Notes for the current version of Audacity, plus the Known Issues page for known issues reported since the last release. Some problems are entirely specific to particular operating systems, so please check our pages for known Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix problems. It's also possible issues may come up that haven't yet made it to the Frequently Asked Questions or the Wiki. So please search our Forum. If you don't see your isssue, please consider registering on the Forum and asking our active user community for help directly. A lot of difficulties that arise turn out not to be bugs at all, and getting help will solve the problem.
Advanced users can also search Audacity Bugzilla for the complete current bug list. For information on using Bugzilla, see Bug Lists.
3.  If you've gone through the above steps without success, you may have found a bug we don't know about, so please tell us about it! Very often problems are only found and fixed when they are reported to us by users trying to do a particular task in Audacity. Please give us reports of possible bugs by sending an email to our feedback address . Please note that we won't necessarily reply, unless we need more information from you, but all reports will be investigated. Please include all the following six pieces of information in your bug report, so our developers can deal with the problem effectively with the minimum of correspondence:
* The exact three-digit version of Audacity you are running for example 2.1.3. You can always find this by clicking Help > About Audacity in the program (or Audacity > About Audacity if you are on a Mac computer).
* If not downloaded from our website, where you obtained Audacity from - for example was it purchased from some other website, bundled on a CD with a hardware product, or obtained from the distributor of your Linux/Unix operating system?
* What operating system you are running including the exact version (for example Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.11.3, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty).
* What exactly you are trying to do (for example, import a WAV audio file, use an effect, or record from a microphone attached to a mixer).
* What is preventing you doing that, including the exact text of any error messages given.
* If Audacity is crashing or freezing, please give us exact steps which always reproduce the crash on your computer (for example, open an AUP (Audacity Project) file, then use the "Amplify" effect). On Mac, a crash report will help us, as will a backtrace on Linux/Unix.

The above information will give us a good bug report to go on.

What Not to Do

Here are examples of bad or useless bug reports. We have received bug reports which are every bit as bad as these ones, sometimes with demands for a refund (Audacity software is free).

  • "Audacity crashed! Please fix it."
  • "It isn't working properly. I have done everything I can."
  • "I can't hear anything"
  • "I need it fixed immediately. Can you call me?"