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Think you've found a bug in Audacity? Having trouble getting it to work? This page describes how to report this to the development team in a way that will help us find and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

1) Firstly, you need to make sure that it's genuinely a bug, and not just a feature you haven't found yet in Audacity. The [FAQ Page] contains answers to some frequently asked questions, as does this wiki. You can search the main audacity website from the search box at the top of each page, and this wiki from the box at the left hand side.

2) Next, check for late-breaking news and information on the [Audacity Forum]. If it's a new issue we may not have an FAQ page, but someone on the forum may know about it. Again, [search] is your friend.

3) If you get this far, it's pretty likely we haven't delt with your problem before, so we want you to tell us about it! It's only by users reporting them that we find out about most of the problems with audacity and can fix them. The best way to contact the audacity developers with bug reports is via the [audacity-help mailing list]. To make sure that we can deal with the problem effectively, and don't have to keep comming back to you for more information, please include the folling in your report:

  • The version of audacity you are running
  • Where you obtained audacity from, especially if it is from a Linux distribution or third party and not our website
  • What operating system you are running (Windows, Mac OS or whatever).
  • What version of your operating system you are running (XP, 10.4, 9.1 etc).
  • what you did to cause the crash, e.g. Open a file and use the "Amplify" effect.

This will ensure that (hopefully) the developers can reproduce your problem and so find and fix the bug.

Finally, a few things that are pretty much garunteed to get your report ignored:

  • Adding it to some page on the wiki the developers may never see
  • Not saying how to reproduce the problem
  • A general report like "doesn't work" or "crashes all the time"