Select multiple label regions and invert selection

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Link from Wiki Feature requests

I have been editing recordings of lectures, and one step involves marking short clips to be removed. However, I want to preserve the original since I receive the list of times and as soon as a clip is removed all the times beyond it will change. Sure, I could use a split delete, but my next step is to split the lecture into tracks, and those tracks won't necessarily correspond to the splits I just created so now I'd have to export all the different clips, merge them and only then continue with marking the tracks.

Wouldn't it be nice if, after I labeled all the blocks to be ignored..

There were a command I could use to select all labeled regions I could invert that selection (yes, I would end up with many disjoint selected clips) I could export that multi-part selection and then load it back in and mark the track start points/export multiple or:

I could continue and mark the track start points When I did export multiple, there'd be an option I could select to skip the content of labeled blocks whose start and end times are not identical Another approach might be to allow each labelled block to have an attribute telling Audacity whether or not to ignore its content during operations such as playback, export, etc. This would also help when previewing cuts to be sure they sound right.