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This page is intended to be used for people to list some of the most interesting sites that recommend Audacity. It's kind of a link exchange. You must have an active page linking to http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  to mention your site here. Please make your link easily discoverable, for example by placing it on a "links" or "resources" page that can be clicked on from your home page. Otherwise, we will only allow a link to the page that mentions us.
Please only add text links, no banners or images.

Ashy Macbean's sound page - A collection of original compositions produced exclusively on Audacity.

Site DIL23 - This site serves very little purpose! ...but we only recommend things WE think are GOOD!!!
http://www.dil23.co.uk (check out the cURLs page!)

Rock Multitracks - Backing Tracks With Vocals for Guitar, Bass, and Drums in a Multitrack format recommend Audacity.

"419 Hell" - An anti-scam website that fights back against Nigerian email scams. They recommend Audacity as a free phone call recorder that "scam baiters" can use to record conversations with scammers.

Guitar Player World - Learn How to Play Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons Online

aHLONGOZ rOCKIN' tIME - for those about to rock, visit my site and download my sounds made using Audacity (great open source software)!!:

Livewyre Studio - Site dedicated to turning analogue recordings (mainly cassettes) into digital format (CD or MP3) includes a simple guide for multi-track recording with Audacity:

Déclic Vidéo FX - Free Tutorials, tips, tricks and patches for Pinnacle Studio,Hollywood FX & proDAD non-linear video editing software:

Subscription service that creates animated speaking characters:

Free soundbyte sharing community

Radio Station that uses Audacity

Audacity How-to Tutorials:

Recommended by Guides and Tutorials for Podcasting:

So ya wanna be an Audio Editor, eh?

Making Your Own Wav Files

Starting with Podcasting

GavezDois, a Podcast powered by Audacity :

MP3 Sound Stream, has a somewhat simplified Tutorial for Audacity.

Music and recording software site rates Audacity 97 out of 100:

Audacity is recommended in the book:
Podcasting for Dummies and also in the companion podcast for the book.

Audacity is listed on the software updates and releases site:

Freeville Music captured more than 500 original tracks with open mic using Audacity. Listen at:

iBeat offers 500 plus free loops and soundsamples (fx drum samples, bass samples) under a Creative Commons license and recommends and links to Audacity.

Recipes for Music on your PC using ABC Notation, Timidity and Audacity:

"Creating music with your PC" Learning Project

Audacity is recommended to Do-It-Yourselfer web site builders

Free-Eds.co.uk contains free teaching resources in all subjects. Audacity is listed in the Music section as suitable for all four UK national curriculum music key stages.

Free-Loops.com provides some 6,000 loops and audio clips, a growing selection of free VST plug-ins for Windows and a range of multimedia software, all for free download. We recommend Audacity.