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This page is intended to be used for people to list some of the most interesting sites that recommend Audacity.  It's kind of a link exchange.
[http://saibso.org/maturita-.htm maturita 2004 italiano svolti] [http://helmed.info/topic/macchine-per/ macchine per microfusione] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/roman-polanski/ roman polanski box set] [http://saibso.org/voice.htm voice] [http://nobinters.org/capitan-harlock.htm capitan harlock. box set] [http://helmed.info/topic/auto-tvdvd/ auto tv-dvd] [http://saibso.org/hir-aj.htm hir aj cam hir ai go] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/zinco-ossido/ zinco ossido] [http://ustall.org/web/ivan-segreti.htm ivan segreti] [http://nobinters.org/luca-barbareschi.htm luca barbareschi] [http://nobinters.org/puglia-it.htm puglia it] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/sluchaczy.htm sluchaczy] [http://kinunia.cn/she-drives.htm she drives me crazy] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/pico-telecom.htm pico telecom] [http://nobinters.org/a.htm a75] [http://ustall.org/web/la-figlia.htm la figlia della madonna] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/mensajes-movistar/ mensajes movistar] [http://saibso.org/vallata.htm vallata] [http://helmed.info/topic/dosminutos/ dosminutos] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/cmt-a/ cmt a50] [http://chaba.info/terratec-cinergy/ terratec cinergy 2] [http://ustall.org/web/max-pane.htm max pane] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/occhiali-da.htm occhiali da sole byblos] [http://kinunia.cn/trasmettitore-segnale.htm trasmettitore segnale telecomando] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/http-tunnel.htm http tunnel crack] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/charlize.htm charlize] [http://kinunia.cn/buon-compleanno.htm buon compleanno biglietto d augurio] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/abito-di/ abito di carnevale] [http://nobinters.org/eu-fico.htm eu fico] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/dir-en/ dir en grey] [http://kinunia.cn/philips-mini.htm philips mini hi fi] [http://chaba.info/verifiche-impianti/ verifiche impianti termici bari] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/bow-wow.htm bow wow ft jojo] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/display-nokia/ display nokia 3310 cellulari] [http://nobinters.org/auto-panther.htm auto panther] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/eizo-tft.htm eizo tft 19 l778] [http://kinunia.cn/aspiratore-da.htm aspiratore da giardino] [http://kinunia.cn/abbonati-telefoni.htm abbonati telefoni] [http://ustall.org/web/sony-dvd.htm sony dvd 92e] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/mango-visto/ mango visto cosi] [http://chaba.info/np-fp/ np fp 50] [http://helmed.info/topic/nokia-/ nokia 6230 black] [http://kinunia.cn/felicita-albano.htm felicita albano e romina power] [http://davte.info/library/html/lagazzettadelmezzogiorno-it.htm lagazzettadelmezzogiorno it] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/y-gas/ y gas] [http://nobinters.org/clash-cd.htm clash cd] [http://helmed.info/topic/renault-scenic/ renault scenic iceland] [http://ustall.org/web/golder-miner.htm golder miner] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/auto-noleggio/ auto noleggio lisbona] [http://nobinters.org/vacation-homes.htm vacation homes] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/doppio-colpo/ doppio colpo] [http://nobinters.org/icon-oakley.htm icon oakley] [http://davte.info/library/html/virgili.htm virgili] [http://davte.info/library/html/asus-pc.htm asus p4c800 e deluxe] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/meteora.htm meteora] [http://davte.info/library/html/twiddle.htm twiddle] [http://davte.info/library/html/marica-giannini.htm marica giannini] [http://davte.info/library/html/patchwork-libri.htm patchwork libri] [http://saibso.org/sei-giorni.htm sei giorni di enduro 2004] [http://davte.info/library/html/incontri-verbania.htm incontri verbania] [http://davte.info/library/html/dragonsta-tei.htm dragonsta tei din] [http://helmed.info/topic/riassunto-della/ riassunto della prima guerra mondiale] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/www-lunapop/ www lunapop com] [http://chaba.info/carnaval-de/ carnaval de barranquilla] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/suzie-villeneuve/ suzie villeneuve] [http://chaba.info/larry-carlton/ larry carlton] [http://saibso.org/la-rumba.htm la rumba de los santos salsa] [http://ustall.org/web/franchising-attivita.htm franchising attivita] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/i-m/ i m guilty] [http://saibso.org/biliardo-semplice.htm biliardo semplice] [http://helmed.info/topic/bmw-x/ bmw x5 in toscana] [http://kinunia.cn/configurazione-wap.htm configurazione wap] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/due-occhi/ due occhi azzurri] [http://kinunia.cn/officeconnect-wireless.htm officeconnect wireless router] [http://kinunia.cn/the-return.htm the return of the king] [http://saibso.org/giubbotti.htm giubbotti] [http://davte.info/library/html/usb-.htm usb 2 0 pcmcia] [http://davte.info/library/html/orexina.htm orexina] [http://ustall.org/web/benassi-bross.htm benassi bross feat dhany] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/www-arezzo/ www arezzo wave com] [http://saibso.org/call-of.htm call of duty ps2] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/video-re/ video re tratamento] [http://ustall.org/web/effetti-musicali.htm effetti musicali per dj] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/auto-destruct/ auto destruct] [http://helmed.info/topic/la-demo/ la demo xbox nel dvd di hulk] [http://chaba.info/packard-bell/ packard bell 1gb] [http://ustall.org/web/frigorifero-ad.htm frigorifero ad assorbimento frigoriferi] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/epson-aculaser.htm epson aculaser al-cx11n] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/fuoriditesta/ fuoriditesta] [http://davte.info/library/html/watergames.htm watergames] [http://nobinters.org/aldo-riso.htm aldo riso] [http://nobinters.org/residence-orchidea.htm residence orchidea diano marina] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/baath/ baath] [http://chaba.info/tv-lcd/ tv lcd samsung lw 22] [http://davte.info/library/html/usr.htm usr] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/www-chieti.htm www chieti it] [http://ustall.org/web/lavoro-sesto.htm lavoro sesto san giovanni] [http://saibso.org/falce-e.htm falce e martello in video] [http://helmed.info/topic/hotel-boston/ hotel boston] [http://saibso.org/iliade-traduzione.htm iliade traduzione] [http://nobinters.org/champions-leage.htm champions leage] [http://saibso.org/tunica-abbigliamento.htm tunica abbigliamento] [http://saibso.org/zion-y.htm zion y lennox yo voy] [http://chaba.info/autonoleggio-barcellona/ autonoleggio barcellona] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/the-game.htm the game. the documentary] [http://davte.info/library/html/golf-tdi.htm golf tdi 2004 105 cv] [http://chaba.info/yeah-usher/ yeah usher] [http://helmed.info/topic/osage/ osage] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/incurvatura/ incurvatura] [http://saibso.org/offerte-di.htm offerte di lavoro brescia] [http://saibso.org/concessionari-fiat.htm concessionari fiat punto 2 serie] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/no-cd/ no cd crack call of duty] [http://ustall.org/web/vendita-case.htm vendita case amalfi] [http://saibso.org/roma-new.htm roma new york] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/ti-diro.htm ti diro che tu mi piaci] [http://nobinters.org/ho-ucciso.htm ho ucciso tuo fratello] [http://nobinters.org/theclub-it.htm theclub it] [http://saibso.org/chicos-guapos.htm chicos guapos] [http://kinunia.cn/tamburo-per.htm tamburo per brother] [http://davte.info/library/html/crepes-alla.htm crepes alla nutella] [http://helmed.info/topic/femme-en/ femme en chaleur] [http://nobinters.org/irradio-mp.htm irradio mp3 1gb] [http://ustall.org/web/venga-boys.htm venga boys] [http://chaba.info/software-creazione/ software creazione stereogramma] [http://kinunia.cn/the-beat.htm the beat - violenza alla deriva] [http://nobinters.org/colgar.htm colgar] [http://kinunia.cn/filamti.htm filamti] [http://davte.info/library/html/spari-e.htm spari e bombe] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/david-bowie/ david bowie] [http://chaba.info/say-nothing/ say nothing at all] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/agenzia-immobiliare/ agenzia immobiliare roma] [http://saibso.org/hsw-nokia.htm hs-11w nokia] [http://chaba.info/virtual-girl/ virtual girl] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/cs-cad.htm cs200 cad] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/plato-con/ plato con cereal] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/mengacci/ mengacci] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/xiao-xiao/ xiao xiao2] [http://davte.info/library/html/linda-e.htm linda e il brigadiere. episodio 1] [http://helmed.info/topic/dediche-laurea/ dediche laurea] [http://saibso.org/havana-nights.htm havana nights] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/putas-laguna.htm putas laguna] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/audi-a/ audi a3 1.9tdi] [http://nobinters.org/il-commissario.htm il commissario pepe] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/gigis/ gigis] [http://ustall.org/web/mac-mini.htm mac mini 1 25 ghz g4 512 40gb combo 56k] [http://helmed.info/topic/scheda-gps/ scheda gps] [http://helmed.info/topic/cremar/ cremar] [http://helmed.info/topic/fay-william/ fay, william george] [http://helmed.info/topic/lettore-dvd/ lettore dvd divx portatile toshiba] [http://nobinters.org/lettore-cd.htm lettore cd aiwa] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/m-bjk/ m bjk] [http://nobinters.org/topa-grassa.htm topa grassa] [http://chaba.info/the-guest/ the guest] [http://chaba.info/i-jam/ i jam] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/ati-radeon/ ati radeon 9800 se 256mb] [http://saibso.org/ti-si.htm ti si mrne] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/allstar-baseball/ all-star baseball 2002] [http://davte.info/library/html/magazzini-messina.htm magazzini messina] [http://saibso.org/francesco-degregori.htm francesco degregori] [http://davte.info/library/html/burg-beheading.htm burg beheading] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/roma-lugano/ roma lugano] [http://nobinters.org/alimentazione-latte.htm alimentazione latte] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/home-coppia/ home coppia scambista] [http://chaba.info/nino-d/ nino d angelo senza giacca e cravata mp3] [http://helmed.info/topic/tutto-per/ tutto per tutto] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/modem-adsl/ modem adsl2 ethernet] [http://nobinters.org/gps-palmare.htm gps palmare europa] [http://ashythro.info/library/html/diorskin-airflash/ diorskin airflash] [http://davte.info/library/html/berretti.htm berretti] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/la-natura/ la natura in goethe] [http://saibso.org/pooh-sballo.htm pooh sballo] [http://kinunia.cn/la-fidanzata.htm la fidanzata di mio marito] [http://chaba.info/frigoriferi-ad/ frigoriferi ad incasso] [http://chaba.info/borodin/ borodin] [http://saibso.org/suoni-e.htm suoni e colori della natura] [http://davte.info/library/html/kentucky-diga.htm kentucky, diga del-] [http://nobinters.org/dannunzio-i.htm dannunzio. i grandi della storia] [http://ustall.org/web/samsonite-zaino.htm samsonite zaino] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/cz-trasporti/ cz (trasporti)] [http://kinunia.cn/disegno-colorare.htm disegno colorare pasqua] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/onkyo-dvd.htm onkyo dvd 501] [http://chaba.info/lg-gsad/ lg gsa5163d] [http://kinunia.cn/id-.htm id 00 7c 00] [http://ustall.org/web/discografia-genesis.htm discografia genesis] [http://davte.info/library/html/lavatrici-incasso.htm lavatrici incasso dimensioni] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/control-mg.htm control 2,5mg 20 cpr] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/apartment-rentals.htm apartment rentals] [http://chaba.info/live-erotic/ live erotic hot bio room chat free] [http://ustall.org/web/zzt.htm zzt] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/hector-y/ hector y tito midi] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/logitech-casse.htm logitech casse audio] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/noway-in.htm noway in hell] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/egittologia.htm egittologia] [http://davte.info/library/html/negre-nude.htm negre nude gratis] [http://kinunia.cn/pompa-acqua.htm pompa acqua auto] [http://ustall.org/web/luigi-tenco.htm luigi tenco cd] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/mc-solaar/ mc solaar] [http://davte.info/library/html/yensid.htm yensid] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/vincenzo-ferrara/ vincenzo ferrara] [http://bloprofeldi.info/lib/ipod-gb.htm i-pod 60gb apple] This page is intended to be used for people to list some of the most interesting sites that recommend Audacity.  It's kind of a link exchange.
<nowiki>SitePal</nowiki>: http://www.sitepal.com/
<nowiki>SitePal</nowiki>: http://www.sitepal.com/

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SitePal: http://www.sitepal.com/

Radio Station that use Audacity http://www.musiksender.fm/

Audacity How-to Tutorials http://www.http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/audacity-tutorial.html

Recommended by Guides and Tutorials for Podcasting: http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/podcasting-tutorial.html

So ya wanna be an Audio Editor, eh? http://www.fark.com/farq/audioedit.shtml

Making Your Own Wav Files http://www.clayloomis.com/makewavs.html

Starting with Podcasting http://www.podcastings.de

GavezDois, a Podcast powered by Audacity : http://www.gavezdois.com

MP3 Sound Stream, has a somewhat simplified Tutorial for Audacity. http://www.mp3soundstream.com/Audacity_Tutorial_-_Free_Audio_Editing_Software.html

Music and recording software site http://SonicSpot.com rates Audacity 97 out of a possible 100 and has Audacity links and info at http://www.sonicspot.com/audacity/audacity.html

Audacity is recommended in the book Podcasting for Dummies and also in the companion podcast for the book.

Audacity is listed on Update-Scout.com, an interactive web service, that informs its users about software updates and releases. Update-Scout lists open source projects, freeware and shareware.

Freeville Music has captured more than 500 original tracks at open mic using Audacity. Listen at http://freevillemusic.com

iBeat.org - iBeat offers more than 500 free loops and soundsamples (fx drum samples, bass samples) under a creative commons license. Recommends and links to Audacity. http://ibeat.org/

Recipes for Music on your PC - http://www.distasis.com/recipes/music.htm - Some ideas on using abc notation, Timidity and Audacity to create your own music.