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This page is intended to be used for people to list some of the most interesting sites that recommend Audacity. It's kind of a link exchange. You must have an active page linking to  to mention your site here. Please make your link easily discoverable, for example by placing it on a "links" or "resources" page that can be clicked on from your home page. Otherwise, we will only allow a link to the page that mentions us.
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419 Hell - An anti-scam website that fights back against Nigerian email scams. They recommend Audacity as a free phone call recorder that "scam baiters" can use to record conversations with scammers.

aHLONGOZ rOCKIN' tIME - for those about to rock, visit my site and download my sounds made using Audacity (great open source software)!!:

Ashy Macbean's sound page - A collection of original compositions produced exclusively on Audacity:

Audacity How-to Tutorials:

"Creating music with your PC" Learning Project contains free teaching resources in all subjects. Audacity is listed in the Music section as suitable for all four UK national curriculum music key stages.< provides some 6,000 loops and audio clips, a growing selection of free VST plug-ins for Windows and a range of multimedia software, all for free download. We recommend Audacity.

Freeville Music captured more than 500 original tracks with open mic using Audacity. Listen at:

GavezDois, a Podcast powered by Audacity :

Guides and Tutorials for Podcasting recommend Audacity:

Guitar Player World - Learn How to Play Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons Online:

Hitz 247 is an Australian net radio station that encourages young people to get involved. Audacity is the tool of choice for many young program makers at Hitz 247:

Creative Commons logo iBeat offers 500 plus free loops and audio samples (fx drum samples, bass samples) under a Creative Commons licence and recommends and links to Audacity:

LiftHer have used Audacity in our development and are very satisfied. Hence it's included in our page with Free programs:

Livewyre Studio - Site dedicated to turning analogue recordings (mainly cassettes) into digital format (CD or MP3) includes a simple guide for multi-track recording with Audacity:

Making Your Own Wav Files

MP3 Sound Stream has a somewhat simplified Tutorial for Audacity.

Podcasting for Dummies: Audacity is recommended in the book:
Podcasting for Dummies and also in the companion podcast for the book.

Recipes for Music on your PC using ABC Notation, Timidity and Audacity:

Rock Multitracks - Backing Tracks With Vocals for Guitar, Bass, and Drums in a Multitrack format recommend Audacity.

Site DIL23 - This site serves very little purpose! ...but we only recommend things WE think are GOOD!!! (check out the cURLs page!)

So ya wanna be an Audio Editor, eh?

Sonicspot music and recording software site rates Audacity 97 out of 100:

Soundboard free soundbyte sharing community

Starting with Podcasting

Update Scout, the software updates and releases site lists Audacity: