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Nov 10th 2017: This page is work in progress

  • Help out on the Forum by answering our users' questions. We especially need people to answer questions in other than English.
  • Help us improve our documentation.

Other ways to Support Users

Documentation Writers (The 2.2.x Manual)

We also want to hear from any highly experienced users who can help with keeping our officially released documentation such as the online alpha development Manual up-to-date and relevant. We need help translating this Manual so that we have localised documentation to complement Audacity's translated interface.

Wiki Helpers

Ask for a Wiki account to help us improve pages by making the writing clearer, correcting spelling and grammar and organising the information to complement the Manual. These kind helpers are also affectionately known as Wiki Gnomes.

Documentation Writers (This Wiki)

We often link to pages in this Wiki when answering questions from users. Help us keep these pages including the Tips and Tutorials up-to-date. As the application changes, these pages need updating. Screenshots on the Wiki need updating too. The current version of Audacity makes capturing the screenshots easier.

Forum and -users mailing list

The main way we help users who need personal support with Audacity is on our Forum. If you are an experienced user, you can perform a great service for Audacity by helping to answer Forum questions. Monitoring the questions and issues that arise provides valuable input for our released Frequently Asked Questions and influences the wider task of making development decisions.

An alternative way Audacity users help each other and learn about our application is the audacity-users mailing list. This is a subscription-only mailing list where messages to the list are sent out directly by email. Feel free to join audacity-users and give a hand to new users!

Website text

The main website needs to be kept up-to-date with releases and features. Of course we also want to keep the site easy to use and free of "typos". We have a list of pending website changes and we welcome comments about our website.

Ideas? Want to Contact Us?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are various ways to contact us.