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Gale: 04Aug10:


re "Bugs we cannot progress (e.g. because we have no reliable scenario by which a developer can reproduce them, or because they are bugs in a driver over which we have no control) generally have to be P3 or below, since we do not want them to prevent stable releases", I don't feel I would want to put my name to to that. Can you live with something like this?

  • Reproducible bugs which can't be progressed (e.g. because they are incompatibilities in a driver or operating system beyond our control) will usually be P3 or lower, so they don't needlessly prevent stable releases.
  • Similarly where a bug lacks a ready way to reproduce it there may be pressures to demote it, even if it is a frequently reported crash or regression. One solution to handling a bug demoted for this reason may be to flag or keyword it, or otherwise encourage testers to discover how to reproduce it."

Also possibly:

  • To avoid making the bug list unmanageable, unreproducible bugs with only one or two reports over a long period of time are not normally listed.

Gale: 11Feb10:

  • James, could we use this URL for your "Recent Changes" shared search on Bugzilla? It includes all the open bugs and the "Status" field. Couldn't figure how to share it (or turn on sharing if it was needed).
    • Done by James - thanks

Gale: 04Feb10:

  • I'm still figuring something more built-in should be high on the agenda. Some possible extensions:

James: 04Feb10:

  • I am keen on extensions too. It will be for Buanzo to install them. I would like some way to add javascript (on sysops only pages) as we could make the wiki more dynamic if we did. I guess basically an escape to allow arbitrary html (for sysops). Suggest taking the extensions discussion to audacity-devel.