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Gale: 28Apr11: I'm strongly in favour of a more "unitary" project format, though I am not sure about the details of presenting your scheme to the user. Is the user still opening the .aup? If so then when user does File > Open (Project), they will I assume never be able to see more than one .aup at a time, because each will be in its own folder. They will be able to see all the folders.

If we had a genuinely unitary format (somewhat like a .zip) that packed the project file and _data folder into a single entity, that would seem to me more robust and intuitive. How do other project-based apps handle making it harder to access the data?

Do we need the "Temporary Project" menu item? Why can't you just hit Record?

Not sure about "Close and Delete" either. We do want some safe way to let users rename and delete projects. My current thinking is a single menu item that leads to some kind of "Project Manager" or "Project Browser". See bug 136.