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Peter 25Oct17: Note that this proposal explicitly does not address the issue of precisely what the preference setting for "Select all if none selected" should make selected.

  • James 05Nov16: Default setting needs to be off for this proposal to have any point. I'm moving discussion to this talk page so that we have a clear proposal on the front page. Any aspect not specified on the main page is doer decides, e.g. any unresolved choices, and indeed doer may deviate somewhat from the plan anyway.

Peter 04Nov16: maybe in the message we should tell them how to make a selection, maybe like the Status bar message. I would suggest "Click and drag in the waveform to select audio". Yes there are other ways, but click&drag is the basic fundamental way ad this in no intended to be a full-blown selection tutorial (we have the Manual for that - and hence the Help button in the dialog.

  • Steve 04Nov16: If we have a help button, I don't think that will be necessary. The few people that can't guess "click and drag like every other application" can click "Help". The more text, the less likely people are to read it. Verbose messages are counter-productive.