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File Formats?

Yamaplos 12:04, 25 November 2009 (CST): Edit > Preferences does not give me a "file formats" option.

  • Then you must be using a 1.3 version of Audacity (Help > About Audacity)? If so, choose FLAC in the Export window, if your build enabled it.

BTW I cannot get FLAC files (generated through Ubuntu Sound Recorder to open in Audacity. I know I'm a noob, sorry

  • We don't provide user support on the Wiki because it isn't set up for it. Please ask about how to use Audacity on the Forum.
  • If your build enabled libflac for FLAC import/export and you wish to report the Ubuntu FLAC files to us, please upload an example of one that fails to, or a similar service and write to us at our feedback address giving us the web address where we can download the file. Please tell us what version of Audacity you are using. If you are using 1.3.9, Help > About Audacity: Build Information will tell you if libflac is enabled.

- Gale 27Nov09