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This page is only for discussion of the Feature Requests page itself. This includes design of the page, the voting process and so on.

Intro Panel

This will be reinstated. It looks inconsistent not to have it I think.


  • I've removed the request for sponsorship of features. To my knowledge it has never been taken up. It makes the whole project look more commercial than it is - so it is doing more harm than good. Where we've had sponsorship it's in the form of a company that wants a variant of Audacity, and they have contacted Dominic directly. James 04:24, 25 February 2008 (PST)
    • It depends how much money we'd want I think. I have reservations too but I don't think we should necessarily remove it just because with the suggested page redesign the best place to say it may be at the top and then we're embarrassed about it being too prominent. Without wanting to quote money in the text, would we say do one of the interface tweaks proposed for $100 (a sort of sum a private individual might come up with)? As phrased, it did rather look as if we were inviting commercial sponsorship of the custom version sort. However I can recall several instances where we have been offered a hundred dollars or so on -help list to do particular things. A point for ourselves (and possibly influencing whether in practice this might happen) would be whether the money should be shared between the coder and the project, or what exactly would happen. Gale

Voting Systems

Audacity suggestion board, compliments of :)

Micropat 23:48, 26 September 2007 (PDT)

Although we had an alternative Beta Feature Request system in place intended to make voting easier - there is some feedback on that system here - unfortunately the script that operated the system did not prove to be reliably available. In the longer term we may introduce a new more interactive Feature Request system on our main website.

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