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  • As alternative to contact suggestions being an "Instruction" panel, it could be a table with the #EEEEFF background used elsewhere in the GSoC category. I think it would look nicer if emphasized a bit more than standard text.
  • Re James' suggestion of "grading" projects by "difficulty", I like this (here and in More GSoC Ideas), even if there is the caveat that changing the exact content of a project may change its grading. We could either put some "stars" or similar by each project e.g five stars = "extreme", three = "moderate" , one = "easiest", or (not as good?) section the projects by grading. If I was a 1st year programmer with audio interests, I might find it quite difficult to choose from the numerous listed ideas, so an "ease" grading that gave me some idea if it was well matched to my expertise level might help. - Gale