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Amount of content present looks well judged, given the limited resources we have to do a newsdesk! About a line or so every two days until things quieten down. Really like the google logo, but worth checking FAQs to see if we really can use it - I know it's been discussed before. Might be safer to use a summer-of-code google logo instead - which I know we can - or have you already checked? (I thought google-code was wider than just GSoC). James 15:55, 27 March 2008 (PDT)

  • Gale: Google-code is definitely wider than GSoC but I could not find anything in the GSoC FAQs about a logo, except the GSoC logo for 2007 . I can't find a GSoC logo for 2008, so followed Vaughan's idea where he used the Google-code logo on the main web site. I did find a project announcing its 2008 mentorship that uses the exact same GSoC image with the year removed . I think that looks pretty dreary myself (summer = black?) but I can use that for want of a better one if you prefer?

I think the next thing for the Handy Hints might be IRC or at least a warning about the dangers thereof - I guess this audience will know all about IRC anyway? I could at the same time add some meat to Irc - I have been meaning to add some instructions there for the Pidgin  client which I have, but never did it. If I am going to do instructions for one client (OK the GSoC students don't need it but it would be nice to raise awareness of the channel), would Pidgin be best, or Chatzilla? Which one caused you all the grief? - Gale

  • I don't now think the problem was actually with Chatzilla per-se. I think it was more that going to IRC my active ip address becomes very public and port scanners lurk / hang out on IRC. On linux that's probably fine. On Windows 98 that is not! I now have Kaspersky internet suite on the WinXP machine I'm using - I'm not planning to go back to IRC until I have the Win98 machine back in business using Ubuntu so that I have one machine in reserve.
  • Document the client you know - and use links where it makes sense to. I'm sure a lot carries over from one client to another, e.g. using nickserv. Some tips that I have:
    • Don't use a nickname name with a '.' in it.
    • Do write your password down.

More about IRC is a good idea. Google like it. It's a big plus for them. Donfede is usually there on workdays (east coast time) and it would help build the community.

This is from GSoC Announce list. You might want to subscribe:

For those of you who've been procrastinating about applying, behold
the 2008 program logo:
http:// tinyurl . com/2u7wqu
The back of the shirt will just have to be a surprise.

Possibly use a strip taken from the centre as it is a square 'logo'.