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After student applications close:

  • Gale: Is there any good tip we can post for what happens next after student applications close? Maybe modify the "getting comments on your proposal" section and archive the original here if it was useful?
  • James: After new applications close, students can still add comments that are tacked on the end of their application, and so can we. Students should look at lifting their weakest aspect - e.g. if they still have no mid-term spin off, then they really do need to make clear what they plan via the comments. Students who want to edit the main part of their application can even do so (I believe) after they receive a comment to them from us, so a tip to them is that they can add a comment to say 'I want to update the timeline to include a Seven Keyboard Wurlitzer Organ Effect for the mid term eval', and then we'd reply and they could make that change.
  • James: At some point we'll know how many slots we are likely to get. My guess/view is that we currently have 10 strong applications in total, that we'll ask to mentor six and that Google will give us three slots. Ask Vaughan to let you know actual figures when he knows. The slot figure may go up or may go down, but I believe we're guarnteed 2 and that first time GSoC orgs generally get a minimum of slots. The figure for slot numbers would make a good news item.

Older comments:

Amount of content present looks well judged, given the limited resources we have to do a newsdesk! About a line or so every two days until things quieten down. Really like the google logo, but worth checking FAQs to see if we really can use it - I know it's been discussed before. Might be safer to use a summer-of-code google logo instead - which I know we can - or have you already checked? (I thought google-code was wider than just GSoC). James 15:55, 27 March 2008 (PDT)

  • Gale: Google-code is definitely wider than GSoC but I could not find anything in the GSoC FAQs about a logo, except the GSoC logo for 2007. I can't find a GSoC logo for 2008, so followed Vaughan's idea where he used the Google-code logo on the main web site. I did find a project announcing its 2008 mentorship that uses the exact same GSoC image with the year removed. I think that looks pretty dreary myself (summer = black?) but I can use that for want of a better one if you prefer?
  • James: This is from GSoC Announce list. You might want to subscribe. "Behold the 2008 program logo: http:// tinyurl . com/2u7wqu. Possibly use a strip taken from the centre as it is a square 'logo'.
  • Gale: Not a terribly good logo for integrating in web pages is it? ("of" too small). I've done the best I can with it, within the constraints of stopping it overflowing into the news section at small text sizes without introducing too much white space. I can't see just taking "Summer of Code" and then just showing the Southern Hemisphere is an answer? Have subscribed to announce list.