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13 March 2007:

The advice appears a bit restricted, as it mentions WAV/AIFF and 44100 Hz sampling frequency only. This may apply to some programs, but certainly not to all. The CD burning program I'm currently using (OEM installed Sonic DigitalMedia LE - not otherwise recommended...) happily lets me drag-and-drop(!) mp3-files(!) to its track list window. These are subsequently burned as a standard audio CD. I seem to remember that on my previous computer its version of Nero (must have been from 2001 approx) let me do something similar.

I have recently recorded several old LPs, cleaned them in Audacity, saved them as mp3s (128 kbit/s) and then burned them as audio CDs with Sonic. While not theoretically optimum quality wise, I judge these choices suitable for me, considering LP quality, file sizes and my old, fading ears ;-)