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  • I'm a bit confused between this page and Label Track. I assume Label Track to be a reference point for possible enhancements, if so suggest it could be linked to in the appropriate section of the GSoC Ideas page.
  • Should not this page (and also Label Track if it's another student's proposal on the same subject) go in a GSoC subcategory called GSoC Proposals or similar? Or let these be linked to on a GSoC Proposals page and all the proposals have a title in the form "GSoC Proposal: XYZ"?


  • Once we've accepted candidates it will be fine to have progress report pages, and a very good idea.
  • At this stage the dashboard is open, and students can get mentor feedback on their applications there.
  • If a student wants to put all or part of their proposal in the open, so that anyone can comment (not just mentors) then they can do that on their user page, at least for now.
  • In my view the Label Track page isn't 'owned'. It's a general place where we can discuss label track features. Label Track is not a student's proposal. It was started by a student to get discussion going. To get a bigger picture. You (Gale) have already helped it progress in that direction. Thank you.