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Gale 16Jan2012:

  • Arent wrote on Developing On Windows "You must not try to compile libsndfile since VC2008 is not supported by its author - it will simply fail. Instead download a precompiled library from and use its .lib and .dll".
    • I removed this as it is simply not true that you have to do this using libsndfile in the Audacity tree. We could not release Audacity if what you said is true.
  • Arent wrote on Libsndfile "libsndfile will most likely not compile on windows using VisualC++ 2008 because of failure of the compiler to comply with C-99 standards."
    • This is most likely true if you are compiling libsndfile as a standalone. If that is what you mean, it needs to be clearer this is nothing to do with compiling the libsndfile project in Audacity, which does work.