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The following is copied (and edited as appropriate) from the original page on the manual wiki.

Gale: 03 Dec 10 FWIW even in 1.3.12 it's still quite common for people to write to [email protected] and say they have selected their USB/firewire input device in preferences, Audacity recognises it but records silence. Selecting it in Audio MIDI Setup apparently fixes it (not sure if changing the sample rate is the real thing that fixes it). Almost any Logitech USB device seems to create this behaviour in Audacity.

Where exactly in the Manual is this page going? I thought we had agreed material like this would be on the Wiki?

Bill 03Dec10: Yes, it should probably be in the wiki. But on the wiki, doesn't it conflict with the other Mac USB information? And isn't the wiki supposed to also support 1.2.x? I find the wiki Mac information confusing with the main text referring to 1.2.x but "sidebars" or parenthetical comments referring to the "latest beta" or "1.3.x".
I created this mostly to point to from the forum for Mac users with this problem, after taking a user exactly through this procedure.

Gale 04Dec10: I don't know whether it conflicts with the Wiki, but yes Wiki has to support 1.2 and 1.3 until 2.0, after which the disparity will be removed/ toned down. What better way do you suggest of referring to both versions on the same page?

In my first comment I meant that users have selected Logitech in Mac system preferences (as well as in Audacity Preferences), some even say they can see the sound in System preferences but they record nothing in Audacity and see no meaningful activity on Meter Toolbar until they go to Audio MIDI Setup. Do you never hear of this on the Forum?

To me it's near pointless to use System preferences since Audio MIDI (far from "extra credit") is always the tool that will make recording work if anything does. Against that, you can see audio input in System preferences, but so you can in Audacity Meter Toolbar? What about hearing the audio? I presume the "output slider" in System prefs doesn't let you hear the input? Am I missing some other benefit of System Prefs? When I've got your further views we'll see about where your page might fit on the Wiki.

PS shouldn't this page refer more generally to USB interfaces and Firewire devices as well?

Bill 04Dec10: Thanks, Gale, for taking the time to comment on this. I don't recall any help I've given on the forum where setting up the USB device through System prefs didn't work, and I then had to send them to Audio Midi Setup (AMS).
"Extra Credit" (I was being a bit glib) is now gone from the wiki page, and comments about Logictech devices and the need to use Audio Midi Setup is highlighted.
The ability to see that your USB device is actually communicating with the Mac (sending audio) is a major benefit of System prefs that you don't get in AMS. System prefs is much easier to use.
I don't like that "Mac Bugs" page on the wiki, and take issue with the statement "it's necessary to set up external sound devices (such as USB and Firewire interfaces and USB microphones or headsets) in Apple Audio MIDI Setup" as this is obviously not true - System Prefs works 99.9% of the time (100% of the time in my experience). AMS is useful you want to change the bit depth or sample rate, and I'll add that to the wiki.
Quitting Audacity and restarting is only necessary, in my experience, when plugging in a new USB device, so I'll add that to the wiki as well.
I'll PM Koz and Bruno on the forum and get their comments on the wiki page.

Gale 05Dec10:

Yes if you already have the external device running when you launch Audacity then you can I think tweak away in AMS.

Undoubtedly some of the people from [email protected] who can't get Audacity to record the input selected in Mac sound prefs will be on 1.2 - they often don't give the Audacity version. But cases in 1.3.12 are reported.

We'll have to see how your page goes. I'd prefer not to have it as a "personal opinion" but to adjust Mac Bugs to suit, assuming your content is too long to fit into Mac Bugs.

The strength of "necessary to use AMS" in Mac Bugs stems 1) from my not knowing for some time that Mac had system prefs 2) from it actually being absolutely necessary in 1.2 to use AMS to have any hope of an interface working with Audacity. 1.3 is clearly better here as a general rule.

As your page is now, I believe it is leaning too much to USB turntables and RIAA adaptors etc. and not enough to multi-channel interfaces and the like where (certainly on Windows) you *must* match sample rates or the devices won't record or will give distortion/overdub drift etc.