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Peter 15Mar14: P2 Potentially this page could be deprecated? Gale wrote of this page in an email on 14Mar14: "A lot of that material at the top of that is "legacy" but if the legacy version is 1.3.13 or later. then much of the page applies. Perhaps that means we just leave the page "as is" for sending a copy to a legacy Wiki ?"
  • Gale 02May14: The Windows sections for the control panels vistacp and xpcp are linked to every day from Forum answers.
  • Peter 4May14: A fair point Gale - but is it linked to for users of current Audacity or users of obsolete versions? If it's for current version users than this page could be moved to the manual - the obsolete legacy users can be pointed to the parallel page in the Legacy Wiki - that is what the Legacy Wiki is for, supporting obsolete users surely.

    The advice note below states "is mainly for users who need to use legacy Audacity 1.2.x or 1.3.x." that's why I was inferring this page could be deprecated from the main Wiki, which is for the current version of Audacity.

  • Steve 12May14: I would suggest leaving this page as is for the legacy wiki, and severely trimming it down for the current wiki. My impression is that if we remove the information that no longer applies, then the "Alerts" for modern Windows can be moved into the normal text flow. The "Windows Control Panel" section is very heavily linked to on the forum, though could perhaps be updated to put more emphasis on using WASAPI for recording sounds playing on the computer and much less emphasis on "Stereo Mix".
    • Peter 15May14: Of course it remains (and will remain) in Legacy Wiki - that is what the "Legacy Wiki" is for - users of legacy/obsolete versions of Audacity. My point here is that this looks like an entirely legacy page and can thus be deleted from current Wiki. Or am I wrong and there are sections of this page that should remain for current Audacity users?
      • And I'm not sure why we're still talking about XP now that Microsoft have discontinued support. It is some thing that imo we should actively discourage (as Gale does on the Forum). Effectively XP is now a legacy/obsolete operating system - so its presence in Legacy Wiki would be ok - but in current Wiki should be deprecated if this page remains here.
    • Gale 18May14: I changed this to PS. As Steve says, the #vistacp and #xpcp anchors here are linked to every day to give support for current Audacity. My suggestion is that this page becomes a Windows-only page called "Windows System Mixer" (though if we want to move the page, the #xpcp and #vistacp anchors will need redirecting in the .htaccess file on the server). I will need to go though the page above the Windows Control Panel sections and see what if anything to retain (so please don't just delete that content).

      The #xpcp anchor is mandatory while Audacity officially supports XP. My Forum dissuasions about it are only about security, nothing else.

      The Mac section is outdated and could be moved to Mac OS X or whatever becomes of that. I've rewritten the Linux section to be relevant to current Audacity, but Steve can check it over. That Linux section can then be moved to Linux Issues.

  • Peter 10Jun14: I transferred the Mac section to Mac OS X as Gale suggests. I have asked Steve to take a look ot the Linux section.