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  • Use blogs to coordinate this, e.g. the Calls and the tracking of user response?
  • Want high payoff for testers - they get early access to features that interest them?
  • What level of participation by testers makes what level of effort by us in setting this up worthwhile?

Lots to work out...

Gale 06Jul16: I would not like to track and co-ordinate in the WordPress interface we have now. And if we want any tester input there, it's ruled out because we can't give access. So really the blogs are only for calls and announcements, I guess. And I still think we should use the announcements e-mail system as well. Who can find the "blogs" on our current WordPress site?

James 06July16: Tracking is more easily doable than you think and similar in ease to tables in Wiki. We could even give a few alpha testers non publishing rights on Wordpress, I believe, but let's not plan to. Blogs can't currently be found because we don't have any written, other than announcements. Blogs can appear in sidebar and be very findable.