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Timeline 2.4.1

  • Done.png 22nd Nov 2019 - 2.3.3 released
  • Done.png 2nd Feb 2020 - RM for 2.4.0 announced (James)
  • Done.png 28th Feb 2020 - RM notes 5 P1's and 41 P2's

At this stage (28th Feb) we have way too many P1s and P2s to stick to our original schedule. The main concern is additional P1 bugs that we have not bumped into yet in testing. Accordingly taking a one month slip relative to original schedule.

  • Done.png 22 March 2020 - RM notes 22 P2s, plus a Covid-19 bug (actually a virus) out in the wild. Too many bugs to meet the revised 1st April String freeze target, but as so much is unclear, not pencilling in a slip yet. It seems we are also finding new serious bugs fast, e.g. a recent P1, Bug 2367, reported by Steve, so it is dangerous to progress to freeze.
  • Done.png 29 March 2020 - RM notes 21 P2s, and P1 Bug 2367 is DEVL-FIX-MADE but not closed. It has not yet been tested on Linux. Based on trade offs we have to make, now slipping by 1 week, with a string freeze of 8th April.
  • Done.png Wiki > Wording agreed changes to be implemented
  • Done.png 8th Apr - String freeze. Audacity.pot updated and sent to translators.
  • Done.png 17th Apr - Translation closed.
  • Done.png P1 bugs and certain P2 bugs might further delay releases. See live counts below.

As of 20th April, a ton of bugs fixed; Manual in good state; Build instructions and such needing some work - and testing of very recent fixes.

  • Done.png 22nd Apr - RC01
  • Done.png 25th Apr - RC02
  • Done.png 26th Apr new P1 bug fixed Bug #2399
  • Done.png 27th Apr - RC03

As of 27th April a show-stopper issue was found with the CMake windows build. It crashes on recording or playing. The non-CMake build is fine, so we are proceeding with that, whilst we investigate what the differences are between the two builds.

  • Done.png 01st May - RC04

For RC04 we were able to use the CMake build again for PC, having figured out David's issue was the AVX instruction not being supported. Also on Mac, the dock-insertion cursor regained its transparent background. Rolling RC04 also was combined with an update to the scripting section of the manual. As of 2nd May, a new P1 (Mac only) bug, bug 2411 has been found, a crash involving toolbars. Pushing dates by 2 days to accommodate it.

  • Done.png 4th May - RC05
  • Done.png 6th May - RC05 on FossHub-devel and announced on forum (available for wider testing).

2 P1 bugs discovered in RC05 - a display issue on Mac and no FFmpeg on Linux

  • Done.png 10th May - RC06

A bug has been discovered with enabling mod-script-pipe - this is a non-blocking P2

A bug has been discovered with progress dialog - this is a non-blocking P2

  • Done.png 16th May - Audacity 2.4.0 Released
  • Done.png 17th May - Audacity 2.4.0 release paused (Multi-Project Bug)

Investigation, building, fixing testing (two Rcs).

  • Done.png 21st May - Audacity 2.4.1 Released

Timeline 2.3.3

  • Done.png 15th May 2019 - RM for 2.3.3 announced (James)
  • Done.png 15th Jul - Big refactoring changes are in
    • As of 21st July 2019 there are 13 P1 bugs that have no fix applied (5 that do), so we do not have 'refactoring changes are working' (yet).
  • Done.png 8th Aug - Big refactoring changes are working.
  • Done.png 29th Aug - Deal with enough P1 and P2 bugs to enter string freeze.
  • Done.png 7th Sep - String freeze. Audacity.pot updated and sent to translators.
  • Done.png 3rd Oct - Translation closed.
  • Done.png 26th Oct - RC01
  • Done.png 9th Nov - RC02
  • Done.png P1 Bug 2236 - Vocal Reduction & Isolation: "Remove Center Classic: Mono" and "Analyze" don't work
  • Done.png 15th Nov - RC03
  • Done.png 22nd Nov - Audacity 2.3.3 Released!

Timeline 2.3.2

  • Done.png 16th Mar 2019 - RM for 2.3.2 announced (James)
  • Done.png 17th Apr - Code and String Freeze
  • Done.png 18th Apr - Audacity.pot updated and sent to translators.
  • Done.png 02th May - Translation closed.
  • Done.png 13th May - Audacity 2.3.2 Released!