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  • Thank you to people who added to the main page.



  • James 10May2015:
    • The crash is terrible, and I think I know why it happens and what to do about it. We may be able to leave effects open.
    • 'More...' being too far down is (in my opinion) a fault of having too many effects at the top level, which is already a problem. More... reduces that problem very slightly as it makes it easier to have fewer effects, just the effects you use. I can put moving it to the top of the menu (possibly with a different name such as 'Manage Effects') to a vote on quality. It is not at all obvious/discoverable that you would look on a toolbar to do this.
    • I'd be OK with adding More... to each of the effects, analyse and generate menus. Some plugins we won't be able to tell which list they belong in until we have loaded them. We can at least do it for any plugins we ship ourselves.