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Edgar wrote: I think I just will use <pre>...</pre> tags. My code lines always are as short as possible (otherwise I won't understand myself) and the wacky "unbreakable" Nyquist plugin header lines will be just simply shortened by me myself to an appropriate length.

OK, as long as the lines are short. I'll change the colours of Code Template anyway (I have an LCD too and even if I stand away from it I can still see the text against the background). It's also odd as I have checked my monitor against a calibration image and it was not very far out....


Sorry for the confusion, but we both edited the page at the same time:

In the code template it would also be necessary to let the user specify the text foreground color, because comments must be displayable in a different color than ordinary code. I don't know how much this contradicts the meaning of a template, because if the user can change everything afterwards anyway you don't need a template...