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Edgar wrote: Hi all, I have uploaded some drafts for these pages to:

Q: The 'Audacity Nyquist Prompt' page has a lot of screenshots (png files). Would it be more clever to upload the picture files to somewhere here in the Wiki or leave them in the german Audacity forum and create external links, what also would be no problem because I wanted to keep 'backup copies' of these pages in the german forum anyway.

I'm afraid the Wiki has no way to link to external images, so all the images must be uploaded locally via Special:Upload. Also the images at present will have to be uploaded one at a time. We're aiming soon to install an extension that will allow multiple uploads at one go.

Q: Problem: The 'code' template produces pink text with pink background on my wacky LCD monitor and make my 42 year old eyes produce bad headache instantly. I'm sorry but I can't work that way. Is there any other way to mark source code? Or could this be changed to a readable colour?

Sure the code template can be changed. I have been wondering about the pink colour too, but the background is currently grey, not pink. Incidentally another user really likes that pink colour..... The pink text colour came about because until recently enclosing text inside <code> </code> tags produced a pink background. But now, code tags only produce a near-invisible grey background:

Code tags give near-invisible grey background....

Using code tags is strongly discouraged because long lines flow off the screen and if you use carriage returns you lose the background. This is one advantage of code template because you can either use <br> in the template to get a clean line break, otherwise the text simply wraps round.

You can also put code inside <pre> </pre> tags which produces a dotted box:

<pre>dotted box

<pre> tags give you what you write, so there is still the problem that long text overflows, though you can use a carriage return and keep the background.

You can also start your code by indenting it one space, so typing this:

 code starts here

gives you the same dotted box:

code starts here

However this has both the problems of <code> tags (overflowing lines, and using a carriage return loses the background). So let's agree something about Code template and I can change it. The choices are:

  • background colour
  • text colour
  • text size in relation to main text (currently it is set to be slightly larger)
  • type of border

I don't want to specify the font family as many people choose their own fonts anyway these days. If you like we could just have black text against a faint pink background, something like code tags used to produce.