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TOC Length

Steve 20Nov12: Due to the length of this page I have added links to the TOC.

  • Gale 21Nov12: Good idea to add "back to TOC" links. But I agree the TOC is getting out of hand and will only get longer. These are some possibilities.
    • Have a third level of plug-ins (e.g. group all the bouncing balls in Delay, and all the limiters in Dynamics Processing) then don't display the third level in the TOC. We can use TOC limit for this.
    • Stick with two levels, but click to expand the first level. This usually means an extension rather than a template. I tried this before when I had a test Wiki and did not have complete success with the solutions I found.
    • Homebrew styled TOC of some sort e.g. under each first level item we have a single multi-column list (downwards ordered) to curtail the height.
    • All these probably need David's input.