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Tone Generators

Buzz tone generator

(buzz.ny) View source code | Download | MP3 Example Clip

Author: David R.Sky

Generates a nasal-sounding tone composed of the base frequency plus n-1 harmonics. If for example you choose a frequency of 100 Hz with n=4 harmonics, this plug-in will generate a tone comprised of 100, 200, 300 and 400 Hz, of equal amplitude. (The more harmonics, the more nasal and high-pitched the tone sounds.)


  1. Frequency or MIDI number: [0=frequency, 1=MIDI (default)]
  2. Frequency: [20 - 5000 Hz, default 110]
  3. MIDI note number: [16 - 127, default 45]
  4. Number of harmonics: [1 - 60, default 12]
  5. Buzz tone duration: [0.1 - 120 seconds, default 5.0]
  6. Volume: [1 - 100 percent, default 95]

DTMF Tones (random)

(dtmfrand.ny) View/Download

Authors: David R.Sky, Dominic Mazzoni, Roger Dannenberg, W. Borgert

Touch Tones (also known as DTMF or Dual Tone Multi Frequency Tones) are the tones made by key pads on telephones. Each tone is comprised of two separate tones at different pitch, hence "dual tone".