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The write up for Garage Band is great, is there anything like it for Audacity? Raulnavidad

PlugIn / plug-in

The front page has instances of both. I don't really care which is deemed canonical, but I was trying to search the page for instances of plugin/plug-in so consistency would be a good thing. Perhaps PlugIn was written in camel case out of habit from other wiki systems, which treat those as WikiWords? But MediaWiki doesn't care, so just pick one and standardize it. Thanks, Philip 09:43, 13 March 2006 (PST)

Undo Silence

Hi! We have searched for a way to undo the silencing effect. The only thing we've discovered so far is to use the undo option or reimport the file. Is there a simpler way?

Car classification

Car classification Body style .. some part of news : Crossover <a href=>Crossover</a> Convertible car <a href=>Convertible car</a> Compact car <a href=>Compact car</a> Classic car <a href=>Classic car</a>