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James: P1 (Blocks beta), P2 (Blocks Stable), P3 (Must release note), P4/P5 (do not release note). We have clear categories for our bugs. Within P2's each developer will 'prioritise' differently. For example Win7 and Linux only bugs are out for me. I doubt very much that shuffling the order of the six P2's around will help us one iota. Really, from my point of view, the 'lobbying' here is for such things as marking a bug as closed. Calling that 'demoting' is misleading. If we fix some part of a bug and the residual issue is smaller, there is a case for updating the title of the bug and changing the P number. We don't sort within P2's on the bug list. Discussion may also bring out important points that help in tracking down bugs.

Gale: Agree that prioritising repeatable P2s is pointless where developers/everyone "do what they are motivated to do".

  • (26) has another attempted fix in place which is to be tested
  • (10) seems to be a packaging issue (action is taken at release time)
  • (12) + (29) are messy bugs where there are many reports of flaky symptoms with slider behaviour and input device detection which are often subtly different from each other. (29) is possibly defined enough to be a separate issue, but (12) is now I think a summary regression bug covering the general flakiness. Note that some Vista/7 users claim 1.3.11 will give "error on opening sound device", they will uninstall 1.3.11 without changing any device settings, install 1.2.6 and it will then record from mic (usually the only device enabled by default) immediately. is there a PortAudio snapshot to upgrade to? It probably can't make things any worse.

That apart, most of the discussion is (or will be when the P2 moonphases are added) about "demoting" I think. The majority want to release a new major version of an unkkown degree of stability, and patience with "hard to fix" and "hard to replicate" issues is therefore now minimal. The main discussions for future should be on Moonphase and Heisenbugs, I think, and (12) when summarised probably belongs there.

OTOH I think some sort of prioritisation of moonphase P2s and P3s may make sense. Default should be for any moonphase P2s in a major release to be prioritised (maybe with a flag), and for demoted P2s to be priority P3s.