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-- Ed 8 February 2010 Should we create a page for a patch when we want to add a long review in the comments section?


Gale 13Dec09: James, thanks for adding the numbers. I almost did that, but changed my mind because when patches are removed, we get 002, 006, 007, 009, 0010... for the active patches, like you see for active bugs on Bugzilla. Maybe that's OK.

James: No problem with discontinuous numbers. It shows we have been busy :-) -1 on uploading patches to the wiki. I think they should be attachments to e-mail (and later in bugzilla).

Where do Patches Live?

Options include

  • (older patches) On audacity-devel (link to Nabble)
  • On audacity-quality (lacks a Nabble archive because risk of unwanted "help-me posts" deemed too great, so must use a read-only archive)
  • As attachments to bugs in Bugzilla
  • On this wiki, possibly with a wiki extension
  • Gale: I'm not convinced yet about general use of Bugzilla for patches. Patches of the sort we're trying to track here have typically been for hitherto un-noted (by us) bugs, or are minor feature improvements that no one else suggested before.
    • Gale: Hmm. And now we've gone to Bugzilla, it makes Bugzilla more logical as the location, yet for aspiring-coder to post a patch there, (s)he has to have Bugzilla access. On Bugzilla, it may be necessary to create an issue just to hold a very speculative enhancement patch. Having patches spread around in different locations doesn't appeal to me, and creating a -devel - or -quality e-mail just for the patch doesn't seem ideal. I'm tending towards Wiki, I think.

What Kinds of Patches are These?

  • Gale: So, I'm kind of thinking this current page isn't for issues that are on a formal tracker. If someone sent a patch for something we'd raise as a Px, it would go on the formal tracker as now. I'm wary of cluttering a formal tracker with some of the patches we've been sent in the past, which haven't been well thought out, and the submitter hasn't even responded to the feedback.
I'm still figuring when a patch here is resolved (applied or rejected), it might be good to have a separate page Completed Patches with a condensed summary of what happened, not archive this on the Talk page.