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This page is for general suggestions about our main web site If the main site is not responding or has broken links, please contact us directly.
Please post comments about this site ( on our site discussion page.

Discussion of the Pending Website Changes Page

Peter 03May16: We do have a Donate Tab which takes you to the Donate page with a working Donate link. I think we should have Donate buttons on all the Download pages and the Main page (and probably really all the pages) - these would link to the Donate page. If we can have ads on the download pages then surely we can also have donations.

Alternatively we could have a clear prominent Donate button in the left navbar that links to the Donate page. Is that technically achievable.

  • Gale 03May16: We can choose extra pages on which to show the Donate button in the right-hand content pane, or can show a Donate button in the sidebar.
    • Peter 03May16: +1 for "show a Donate button in the sidebar" that would give us a donate on every page
    • Gale 04May16: Where in the Sidebar would it go? Under the logo? On my machine I would not see it without scrolling down if it was under "Contact". Those zoomed in or on mobile would not see it without scrolling to the bottom.
      • Peter 04May16: Yes I was thinking under the logo


The Google+ badge needs a piece of script in the header. Possibly can only be added by editing the php.

Word breaks

Unwanted hyphenated word breaks were solved by editing the CSS file for the style directly, though this means the change could be lost if there is a theme update. Jon Galloway on -devel has pointed to a solution that would preserve local theme changes after a theme update by creating a Child Theme.

License page

  • RA has suggested 
needs extending to make it clearer and to discuss examples of good and bad practice. GA suggests the page is already too long and would need summarising somehow with links to more detail.
Peter 03May16: There is clearly conflicting advice here - and remebering Steve's suggestion elsewhere about keeping the website pages short and snappy to encourage folk to read them - I would suggest that we consider moving or creating detailed licensing advice in the Wiki (if it's not already there). Then trimming the website page and adding a link to the detailed Wiki license page.

Future Site Development Votes etc

With more activity on the website,this whole section could become a new wiki page, where we vote on proposals for the website.

Please add your vote to any of the below suggestions about our main web site, or to add a suggestion of your own.

Specific suggestions

  • Facilitate funding of specific features. (5 votes) Tip cup towards features? An "I'd give x dollars towards someone working on XYZ bit" kinda thing?
  • Add RSS and/or Atom web feed (2 votes)
  • Provide checksums for downloads to verify file integrity and security (3 votes)
  • Provide page modification dates in accordance with MLA style (1 votes)
  • Add Flattr button to accept micro-donations (1 votes)

More general comments

Brand and user experience improvements

  • Pete: I'd like to draw attention to Audacity brand issues as well as the overall user experience and functionality. It seems that the most important benefit to get across about Audacity is that it's accurate, simple and professional. If so, why is the current site, not to mention logo and GUI, so rounded and fiddly? The software is about sharp, simple edits, so why use a confusing hierarchy and distracting fonts and colors for the website, and why position advertising so prominently? Unfortunately the design is amateurish, and gives the impression the product is the same. Have a look at what ableton live or traktor or touch osc websites and GUI's are like. These are professional tools for musicians, with websites and interfaces that truly are simple and accurate, and are examples of how design isn't anything to do with just style – it enhances the user experience and improves the product. How is Audacity any different?
    • Gale 17 June 2010: The logo was professionally designed by someone in the field, otherwise the web site was developed by people who volunteer for the project (not by professional web designers). If the products you mention were free and volunteer-run, perhaps their sites might look similar to ours? As it is, we need limited advertising to provide a small reserve of money to work with. In the situation we're in now (tens of million of users) we could survive in terms of attracting new users with a web site that looked like DOS 3.0 (as the sites for some open source projects do). A minimalist glitzy main site might be fun, but personally I don't think the Audacity software has that ethos at all. The one thing there is consensus about here is that we want to have consistency between icons, logos and web sites and not change appearances for the sake of it.

      Were you offering to help us make the visual elements of logo/icon, GUI and web sites "simpler" and "less fiddly", or have you already done so elsewhere?

      PS: I for one think the TouchOSC "design" is truly awful, eight scrolls down with no side or top navigation and you wonder where it will end, in a font size and colour that hurt the eyes after a few seconds. Ah yes, I see the support link and the news items right at the bottom now.

    • Vaughan (talk) 15:02, 1 May 2015 (EDT) Just noticed this quote from Gale: "...otherwise the web site was developed by people who volunteer for the project (not by professional web designers). " Actually that's incorrect. Matt, who originally did all the PHP, went immediately afterward to work for Amazon, for website design. I'd say that's professional. Yes, web amateurs like Gale and I have made some small changes since then.


  • Prominent donations link, tab or button: (13 votes) "For everyone who has asked this, how many thought about donating, couldn't find a link so gave up?"
  • Add a link to this Wiki to the main site's motif. (1 votes)