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Steve wrote by email 6Jun17: It may be "consistent", but it's problematic when multiple files are selected for import. There's no way that Audacity can know what order the user wants the files, which is not a major problem when imported as separate tracks because they can easily be rearranged, but is very important if imported end to end on the same track.

Unless/until we have an "import manager" or "clip handler" of some sort, I would keep "import to new track" as the default", and restrict "append import" to a single selected file (which could be a LOF file).

Gale 07Jun17: If the initial feature was only one selected file at a time, then I definitely think there should be an option to import at the cursor position or the feature would be too limited. Of course LOF files would ignore the cursor position option because they can define their own offset.

How I would envisage it is that if "File > Import > Import Options had "Choose import order" checked, then after selecting the files in the file open dialogue, Audacity spawned its own dialogue where the user can move the files up and down the list of imports.