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28May11 user notawizard wrote on the forum

Find Similar function

Here's how it would work:

  1. You select a piece of your timeline
  2. you click edit -> find similar
  3. Then you get a popup that says "sensitivity" which slides from 0 - 100 or something
0 means the program selects (or labels i dont know whats possible for you programmers) only EXACTLY identical sound waves
100 means that a small/moderate difference in the sound wave will be tolerated

This feature lets you select a single repeating sound and remove all instances of that sound from your audio file.

  • Gale/Peter 30Jun11: Agreed the above should still count as a vote for "Audio pattern matching" on Feature Requests, as should other votes from e-mails received. This is because a Proposal (especially an advanced one like Audio Diff} may not be implemented for years (if at all), so it is good to keep a tally of demand for the feature.

    Peter said that casual Forum comments not explicitly espoused on the "Adding Features" forum may or may not get added directly to Feature Requests. It depends on user pressure. So the current 5 votes for pattern matching (or for any feature) could be an underestimate.