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Robert wrote:

I think that the most important mode isn't listed here. I use it all the time and very seldom need multiple selections:

"The track with focus is always and exclusively selected."

Some advantages:

  • you can remove the prefix "Selected", it's always on unless you

toggle the track to "not Selected". (Apart from that, you know that single-selection is turned on if you hear the pure track name)

  • On opening a project, you don't have to check which tracks are selected.
  • The message "No Audio Selected" is rarer, actually only in the case

when no time range is selected.

  • You can still select multiple tracks with Shift+Up/Down (if it is

properly implemented as suggested by David).

  • You could temporarily switch on non-contiguous selection. Reaper

uses Shift+Space and you would keep holding down the shift key for going through clips (Control+Left/Right), tracks (Up/Down) etc. while toggling them on/off by pressing space again. The space might be replaced with Enter.