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  • Gale 04Nov14: James wrote:

If you click close without ticking 'delete it/them' or following the 'crashed project(s)' link and recovering them, then you get a follow up dialog to make sure you realise there are projects to recover. If you click delete them, before close, then they are gone. If you follow the link, you get to see what they are and can recover them if you want. This sounds more complex than it is. Although I don't particularly need the belts and braces, the set up preserves the current behaviour of two actions to actually delete the recoverable projects.

    If you can check "delete it/them" without a prompt that you really mean it, I think that is too dangerous. There could be information overload (the thing we are trying to avoid) in one screen that is replacing several. Therefore a checkbox could easily be mistakenly enabled by pressing SPACE or clicking around. In any case I suggest an alert icon to left of link and checkbox to show that the notice of recoverable projects is important.